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Thread: Flight Club 03/'23 at Entoyment, Poole

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    Default Flight Club 03/'23 at Entoyment, Poole

    After a winter break full of Christmas and illness, the eighth meeting of Flight Club is set to go ahead on Sunday 26th March 2023 at Entoyment Poole for yet more WGF mayhem

    The usual crowd have already been notified but if you're a forum member that wants to come and join the fun then get your name down & let me know via PM if you want attend.
    This is not an Entoyment event ie you cannot book a place to play via the shop. I will manage the table - Cost to cover the tables will be three quid a head on the day to be paid to flash on arrival please. (it's gone up a quid per table but hopefully we'll cover it)

    This is not a demo/participation like we'd usually put on at an event but a day for us to get into some more involved gaming and play some bigger, longer, WW1 scenario type games than we may usually get at a show.

    I will update an idea of content nearer the time but, as they usually go down well, there will be one hour dogfights in the mix and maybe an opportunity to fly something you don't have or don't use too often.

    If anyone has a scenario they'd like to put on for this event please PM me.

    (L-R: Rich, Iain (Chianti Raider), Tony (tonyc206), Mike (Mikeemagnus), Tim (Flying Helmut), Sean, Justin (JuD), Andy B (Scherlochnumber1), Hobz (Yellow Peril) [hidden behind them], Barrie (Baz)

    If you'd like to see what you're in for here are the previous events:

    These are the usual table rules:
    No kids..
    No altitude.
    No tailing.
    No disruption.
    Aim in play (+1 consec hits)
    Split-S in play.
    Blind spots in play.
    EXP = Half start damage rounded up.

    Potential Attendees:

    Mike (Mikeemagnus)
    Barrie (Baz)
    Tim (Flying Helmut)
    Andy L (Ajay)
    Andy B (Scherlochnumber1)
    Hobz (Yellow Peril)
    Iain (Chianti Raider)
    Gary (Hu Rhu)
    Rob (Rabscallion) is in
    Richard yes !

    Sean - CoVid
    Chris [crasher] - pulled out
    Justin (JuD) - can't make it now.
    Tony (tonyc206) - can't make it.
    Lee (Gangleader147) - nothing heard
    Dom - nothing heard
    Andy T (Sauerkraut) - no show
    Stuart - no show
    Phil - no show
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    Me too!
    I laugh in the face of danger - then I hide until it goes away!

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    Sorry chaps, I won't be able to make this one as I'll be in Belgium again

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    That's a pity

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    Shame about that Tony but given the distance you have to travel you're a hero making any of them

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    Ajay has confirmed he's in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by flash View Post
    Ajay has confirmed he's in.
    I laugh in the face of danger - then I hide until it goes away!

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    Ajay has confirmed he's in.
    Can't keep a good man down

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikeemagnus View Post
    Can't keep a good man down
    All thanks to Dave and SWMBO!

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    Well chaps, this is approaching fast !
    If all who said they'll be there turn up we will have a full house - we'll see on the day.
    There will be a couple of one hour dogfights as usual and a couple of scenarios provide by Barrie (Baz) & Gary (Hu Rhu). Baz is taking is over the Adriatic for some Italian Front fun and Gary is taking us to strafe the Hun on the run in a late war knock up !

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    Don't forget the clocks go forward in the early hours on the 26th

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    Don't forget the clocks go forward in the early hours on the 26th
    Thanks for the heads up. CU all on Sunday

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikeemagnus View Post
    Thanks for the heads up. CU all on Sunday
    Thought it worth mentioning, Mike ! Wonder how many people will forget ?!
    We lost Justin (JuD) to a family commitment but I got hold of Rob (Rabscallion) and he's coming now, so we may have a full house.

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    Cool - A few collisions on the cards then

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    Well, Chris says his coming so it's a given, I'd say !

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    With Chris and myself there, Tim is going to have to be very wary methinks

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    Splendid outing once again, thanks to all for making it along and a special thanks to both Baz & Gary for the scenarios thy set for us. Much mirth & banter was had
    Pics will follow when I get sorted out

    Some no shows & late cancels left us with eleven players; Four games played over the day 10-4pm - results:

    Ajay - 4
    Rob - 4
    Rich - 3
    Hobz - 3
    Mike - 3
    Tim - 3
    Baz - 3
    Iain - 2
    Andy - 1 (+1 o.g. by collision)
    Gary - 1
    Dave - 0

    Two joint Top Guns, five in second place, one in third & the remainder got 1 each, apart from me ! Well played all
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    Thanks very much for setting up and running the day, Dave. I had a great time and hopefully the others did as well. Looking forward to the next one (and the pics).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hu Rhu View Post
    Thanks very much for setting up and running the day, Dave. I had a great time and hopefully the others did as well. Looking forward to the next one (and the pics).
    What He Said!
    I laugh in the face of danger - then I hide until it goes away!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flying Helmut View Post
    What He Said!
    What they said

    Name:  87A77B98-230C-49E3-8846-AA65A43B6B7A.jpg
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Size:  104.0 KB
    L-R Andy, Ajay, Dave, Mike, Tim
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    Yep, many thanks Dave and everyone else for a really fun day. Four interesting scenarios played, including the maiden flight of my MF11; with the usual maiden flight result - shot down inside two turns Wouldn't have missed it for anything though.

    Cheers guys - Happy days and here's to the next one

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    Thanks chaps, it's gaming with you lot that makes it worth doing

    Apologies forum, for once I got their attention to 'watch the birdie' !

    Name:  SAM_4926.JPG
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Size:  239.8 KB
    L-R: Mike (mikeemagnus); Tim (Flying Helmut); Gary (Hu Rhu); Iain (Chianti Warrior) Rich was delayed but appears in a later pic

    Name:  SAM_4925.JPG
Views: 275
Size:  234.9 KB
    L-R: Barrie (Baz); Hobz (YellowPeril); Andy (Scherlochnumber1); Andy (Ajay); Rob (Rabscallion)

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    All that's missing is a background wall marked with horizontal Height measurements, and a bar of numbers below each face.....

    I laugh in the face of danger - then I hide until it goes away!

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    Default Here's the Pics:

    One Hour Dogfight:

    We started where we left off in Flight Club 7 - more by accident than design - Brisfits v Fokker E.V & SSD.III. That time the Brisfits were triumphant..
    We were into it by the time I remembered I was supposed to be documenting this!

    Baz cops some attention on the left, having already exchanged with Rob who has jammed. I've swapped lead with Mike who also jammed. Late to the party Rich heads right as Tim turns hard into Iain on the right side.
    Name:  SAM_4927.JPG
Views: 259
Size:  235.4 KB
    Brisfits L-R are Hobz; Baz (B); Dave (A); Iain (1) Rich (nf) at the back who'd just arrived

    Seems Baz had thrown the switch on the 'Bullet Magnet' - Kill to Ajay in the yellow nosed SSD.III
    Name:  SAM_4928.JPG
Views: 257
Size:  221.7 KB

    Iain is set afire by Tim, now on his tail - he'll be off the Christmas card list !
    I get some love from Rob, in the other blue SSD.III. Mike & I have jammed
    Name:  SAM_4929.JPG
Views: 263
Size:  246.3 KB

    Tim stays behind Iain, wounds both pilot & gunner; Rich latches onto Gary in the Lowenhart Fok D.V; I get sandwiched between Andy & Ajay; Hobz has some boundary issues !
    Name:  SAM_4931.JPG
Views: 257
Size:  208.6 KB

    Mike and Ajay double team Iain, Mike puts him down thus robbing Tim of his victory !
    Name:  SAM_4931.JPG
Views: 257
Size:  208.6 KB

    Pilot killed & down it went
    Name:  SAM_4932.JPG
Views: 256
Size:  221.6 KB

    I manage to break contact & avoid Hobz has he gets direction back ! Rich has jammed but overlaps Rob & is now smoking thanks to Gary
    Name:  SAM_4933.JPG
Views: 266
Size:  225.9 KB

    The Brits regroup for a moment; Rich mounts Mike.. Kerunch Hobz runs interference for me
    Name:  SAM_4934.JPG
Views: 258
Size:  226.4 KB

    A couple of moves later all hell breaks loose
    Name:  SAM_4936.JPG
Views: 256
Size:  210.7 KB

    Too much for my old kite Kill to Gary - 2nd line are +1's
    Name:  SAM_4937.JPG
Views: 255
Size:  212.6 KB

    The Germans mill about in the middle for a moment - now trying their best to avoid each other
    Name:  SAM_4939.JPG
Views: 262
Size:  215.0 KB

    And failing magnificently as Andy & Gary (smoking) merge, almost taking Rob with them
    Name:  SAM_4940.JPG
Views: 254
Size:  218.3 KB

    Not once but twice !! Both turned hard left Rich slips a few rounds into Tim's SSD.III (flaming) as he passes
    Name:  SAM_4943.JPG
Views: 262
Size:  210.7 KB

    Name:  SAM_4942.JPG
Views: 262
Size:  216.5 KB

    Gary's Razor folds right on the hour.. Kill to Andy, own goal (o.g.)
    Name:  SAM_4944.JPG
Views: 250
Size:  236.4 KB

    He's joined in the race to the deck by Tim as his D.III succumbs to Rich's onslaught Kill to Rich
    Name:  SAM_4945.JPG
Views: 262
Size:  227.1 KB

    The Brits are heartened by this turn up but it lasts but a fleeting moment as both Rich and Hobz are deftly taken out in the last phases of the game by Mike & Rob respectively.
    Name:  SAM_4946.JPG
Views: 255
Size:  234.0 KB

    Name:  SAM_4947.JPG
Views: 250
Size:  200.9 KB

    Name:  SAM_4948.JPG
Views: 258
Size:  210.4 KB

    Game 2: Scenario

    Gary (Hu Rhu) provided us with a scenario:

    Here is the briefing sheet for the Germans:
    Name:  FC_03.23-25.JPG
Views: 244
Size:  153.2 KB

    And the briefing sheet for the British:
    Name:  FC_03.23-26.JPG
Views: 235
Size:  173.1 KB

    I'm late with the camera again and missed the first contact...
    Here Hobz is in the Camel launching a strike on one of the target cards - Ajay in the black Jacobs D.VII has already done some damage, Dave is head on in the Yellow Fokker adding to his misery
    Name:  FC_03.23-27.JPG
Views: 232
Size:  233.5 KB

    Here's a gratuitous crowd shot !
    Name:  FC_03.23-28.JPG
Views: 552
Size:  192.4 KB
    L-R: Mike, Tim, Gary, Rich (told you he'd appear later), Iain, Baz, Hobz, Andy, Ajay, Rob

    More of a distant positional shot
    Name:  FC_03.23-29.JPG
Views: 231
Size:  223.2 KB

    Back into the thick of the action.. Hobz drops his load right on the money as Ajay & Rob rinse him Behind them I get a burst into Baz who has also dropped his eggs for a direct hit too.
    Name:  FC_03.23-31.JPG
Views: 217
Size:  237.6 KB

    Hobz pays the ultimate price for his bold attack - Ajay's guns did the work, Rob's just added insult to injury !
    Name:  FC_03.23-32.JPG
Views: 235
Size:  221.4 KB

    On the other side of the table they'd been mixing it up too, Mike's in the Blue Fokker, Tim's in the Red - wounded pilot & smoke trail tell the tale.
    On the far side jams tell the tale, Iain's Snipe runs in with his bombs harassed by Rob, covered by Andy
    Name:  FC_03.23-33.JPG
Views: 219
Size:  240.0 KB

    The Fokker net closes - at least I think that's what he said ! Iain toggles the bomb release and braces himself for a Spandau lashing.. Rob gets shot at by the Andy (U camel card).
    Name:  FC_03.23-35.JPG
Views: 214
Size:  245.2 KB

    Lead flies all over as the net tightens further but the Tommy is getting his licks in too.
    Name:  FC_03.23-36.JPG
Views: 224
Size:  241.9 KB

    Tim has a problem or two..
    Name:  FC_03.23-37.JPG
Views: 223
Size:  204.3 KB

    Name:  Scooby_Do_Ruh-Ro.jpg
Views: 224
Size:  52.0 KB

    Down he goes to Iain's close range burst
    Name:  FC_03.23-38.JPG
Views: 221
Size:  229.5 KB

    He's not alone though - Mike's long range punt across Tim's nose took out Rich's #2 Snipe with a BOOM !
    Name:  FC_03.23-39.JPG
Views: 221
Size:  222.6 KB

    Name:  FC_03.23-40.JPG
Views: 222
Size:  222.2 KB

    Soon after the 'pass the lead parcel' game continues - on the right Iain has got on my tail, me and Baz have jammed; on the left a round robin involving Ajay, Mike & Andy (U) & Gary (Barker) who strafes the target
    Name:  FC_03.23-42.JPG
Views: 214
Size:  245.0 KB

    The chase continues - no rulers but I took a shot from Iain & he got one from Rob.
    Name:  FC_03.23-43.JPG
Views: 218
Size:  246.2 KB

    Name:  FC_03.23-44.JPG
Views: 212
Size:  241.8 KB

    I take another hit from Iain, Rob tries to put him off. Luckily Baz broke from his turns & Gary meantime, keeps on brief and strafes another position
    Name:  FC_03.23-45.JPG
Views: 215
Size:  237.0 KB

    Next move sees me downed by Iain & Baz taken down by Rob
    Name:  FC_03.23-46.JPG
Views: 222
Size:  225.8 KB

    Mike and Rob then pounce on Andy's Camel (U), Gary has jammed. It's not pictured but Rob downed Andy
    Name:  FC_03.23-47.JPG
Views: 211
Size:  229.0 KB

    After several attempts to destroy the last position Gary is knocked down by Ajay
    Name:  FC_03.23-48.JPG
Views: 205
Size:  228.1 KB

    Name:  FC_03.23-49.JPG
Views: 209
Size:  221.1 KB
    Rob & Mike mix it up with Iain & Andy - Rob gets a shot on Andy here

    As Ajay turns in from the left, Andy makes a run to take out the last position still dogged by Rob.
    Name:  FC_03.23-50.JPG
Views: 208
Size:  231.4 KB

    Andy closes and gets his shot away as Rob blasts him from close range as Iain does the same to him, Mike heads in
    Name:  FC_03.23-51.JPG
Views: 204
Size:  232.4 KB

    Andy's efforts are for naught, the position survives and he falls to Rob's guns
    Name:  FC_03.23-52.JPG
Views: 211
Size:  229.8 KB

    Mike gets on Iain's six Rob check behind & Ajay eyes his prey..
    Name:  FC_03.23-53.JPG
Views: 208
Size:  228.1 KB

    Iain makes the last gasp effort as all the Fokker's beat on him
    Name:  FC_03.23-54.JPG
Views: 205
Size:  226.5 KB

    Iain is victorious in his attack but so is Ajay !
    Name:  FC_03.23-55.JPG
Views: 211
Size:  231.7 KB

    A pyrrhic victory for Tommy - then we broke for lunch !

    Game 3 - Scenario:

    After scoff Baz set us up for a sedate trip to dip a toe in the Adriatic !

    A group of A-H Lohner's making their way back from a bombing mission meet a mixed bag of Italian opposition trying to prevent them making it off the mat -
    Macchi(Lohner)'s to the left; Farman flanked by Nieuport 11's to the right
    Name:  SAM_4982.JPG
Views: 183
Size:  207.6 KB

    The A-H chaps neatly, if slowly star burst of sight of the welcoming party.
    L-R Tim, Dave, Baz, Andy, Rob (I think!)
    Name:  SAM_4984.JPG
Views: 178
Size:  205.2 KB

    Equally slowly the Italians move to intercept
    Name:  SAM_4985.JPG
Views: 184
Size:  184.6 KB

    Name:  SAM_4986.JPG
Views: 176
Size:  180.7 KB

    Wide arcs of fire mean the people are soon in range
    Name:  SAM_4988.JPG
Views: 175
Size:  201.1 KB

    Soon the lead is flying in all directions and it's hard to avoid some arcs
    Name:  SAM_4990.JPG
Views: 163
Size:  193.3 KB

    Mike, piloting the Farman, is soon warming his back against a fire..
    Name:  SAM_4991.JPG
Views: 176
Size:  203.8 KB

    Woomf ! Maybe it will keep him warm while he waits for his pick up. Kill to Andy
    Name:  SAM_4992.JPG
Views: 176
Size:  195.7 KB

    He's not the only Italian feeling the heat as Iain gets lit up too. I'm left trailing smoke from the exchange
    Name:  SAM_4993.JPG
Views: 174
Size:  191.4 KB

    Tim joins the 'fire club' for the A-H following an exchange with Rich as Iain becomes the meat in the sandwich between me and Baz
    Name:  SAM_4994.JPG
Views: 312
Size:  193.6 KB

    Name:  SAM_4995.JPG
Views: 169
Size:  180.1 KB

    Rich has flown through to engage those on the other flank once his jam was cleared - think this is Rob getting the squeeze from him & Ajay in the silver N.11. Andy is jammed & being hunted by Hobz in the other N.11
    Name:  SAM_4996.JPG
Views: 160
Size:  195.0 KB

    I clearly get it wrong but with luck might still draw Iain into Tim's path, both are on fire
    Name:  SAM_4997.JPG
Views: 162
Size:  192.3 KB

    Inadvertently set up but a result as Tim & Iain hammer each other at close range.. apologies, I apparently missed the pic of Iain's demise
    In the background Baz nears the action on the far side, Gary passes behind Iain.
    Name:  SAM_4998.JPG
Views: 165
Size:  196.1 KB

    Ajay has shot up Rob again and Hobz is all over Andy at close range
    Name:  SAM_4999.JPG
Views: 158
Size:  186.7 KB

    And down goes Andy under the onslaught from Hobz - second line +1's
    Name:  SAM_5000.JPG
Views: 167
Size:  200.6 KB

    Tim and Rich swap lead at long range as Baz takes advantage of Gary's jam in the background after he and Rob momentarily merge
    Name:  SAM_5001.JPG
Views: 167
Size:  192.5 KB

    Name:  SAM_5002.JPG
Views: 167
Size:  193.1 KB

    Tim, still shedding fire, batters Rich as he passes behind him
    Name:  SAM_5004.JPG
Views: 171
Size:  171.2 KB

    Gary falls to Baz's persistent attack
    Name:  SAM_5005.JPG
Views: 162
Size:  181.6 KB

    Baz takes on Hobz as he crosses his nose, as Ajay advances on his beam.
    Rich latches on to Rob and they exchange spit; as Tim works on his jam he keeps behind Rich
    Name:  SAM_5007.JPG
Views: 162
Size:  199.8 KB

    Hobz and Rich batter Rob between them, the others are jammed - I'm trying to catch up to the fight
    Name:  SAM_5008.JPG
Views: 171
Size:  188.3 KB

    Rob falls to Rich's guns even though I get a shot into him. Tim finally clears his gun
    Name:  SAM_5012.JPG
Views: 157
Size:  212.6 KB

    Which he wastes no time in putting to good use as I ram Hobz and take a pot shot from Ajay - I lose my gunner
    Name:  SAM_5013.JPG
Views: 163
Size:  196.5 KB

    Rich is downed by Tim's effort
    Name:  SAM_5014.JPG
Views: 159
Size:  199.5 KB

    I'm unable to turn for home due to rudder damage so have to suck it up as Hobz Immels in behind me
    Tim manages a burst into Ajay who also Immelled for some reason.
    Name:  SAM_5015.JPG
Views: 165
Size:  192.3 KB

    I'm done in by Hobz and fall into the Briny
    Name:  SAM_5017.JPG
Views: 157
Size:  201.8 KB

    Tim and Baz are able to elude the enemy and exit the table and we call it there.
    Name:  SAM_5018.JPG
Views: 161
Size:  185.6 KB

    The above may not match what actually happened as I think there's a chance I may have muddled the pilots - but it was as much fun as it looked !

    Game 4 - One Hour Dogfight:

    For a change I thought we'd try the arty spotting game seen recently on the forum - I'm not sure I got, or, explained it quite right but this is what we came up with:
    Two 'Strutters playing the spotters (Iain & Hobz) defended by three Nieuport 17's (A guns) - v - 5 Albatros D.II & an Albatros D.III
    Name:  FC_03.23-93.JPG
Views: 156
Size:  230.7 KB

    The N.17 started the game circling between the Albatrii and the 'Strutters as they entered the table from the left edge.
    The N.17's threw themselves straight at the Albatrii and the lead starts to fly.
    Name:  FC_03.23-94.JPG
Views: 153
Size:  221.3 KB

    My mix up meant the spotters both targeted the same target but we spoon straightened that out - each has a battery of their own to spot for.
    Name:  FC_03.23-95.JPG
Views: 159
Size:  204.4 KB

    The Valkyries head in seeking an easy kill..
    top to bottom: Mike (D.II Grey nose) Andy (D.III); Rob (MvR) Dave (D.II red nose); Ajay (D.II Student) - Tim is out of frame left of Mike in Alb D.II (blue nose)
    Name:  FC_03.23-96.JPG
Views: 157
Size:  232.0 KB

    A lone N.17 faces down the horde, in the background Iain's spotter get's to work
    Name:  FC_03.23-98.JPG
Views: 107
Size:  238.8 KB

    The helpless N.17 is jammed & Andy breathes a sigh of relief
    Name:  FC_03.23-99.JPG
Views: 154
Size:  226.6 KB

    Tim has success by taking Gary out of the picture
    Name:  FC_03.23-100.JPG
Views: 155
Size:  215.5 KB

    The Huns are excited as they feel they've breached the line
    Name:  FC_03.23-101.JPG
Views: 155
Size:  230.9 KB

    Hobz exchanges with Ajay & jams, he also takes a shot from me.
    Name:  FC_03.23-102.JPG
Views: 156
Size:  220.3 KB

    Hobz turns back to keep in view of his target as the Albatrii blow past
    Name:  FC_03.23-103.JPG
Views: 153
Size:  231.1 KB

    Mike gets on the tail of Rich's N.17 and lights it up; Andy trades with Iain's 'Strutter but does take a strike from Rich
    Name:  FC_03.23-104.JPG
Views: 163
Size:  212.7 KB

    Rich's shots prove fatal to the D.III and Andy goes west - or is it east for the Germans ?
    Name:  FC_03.23-106.JPG
Views: 156
Size:  222.2 KB

    My reversal gets me onto Hobz as he follows through with his turn - I get him twice !
    Name:  FC_03.23-105.JPG
Views: 145
Size:  229.5 KB

    Name:  FC_03.23-107.JPG
Views: 149
Size:  214.3 KB

    Rob goes after Iain's 'Strutter, beyond them Mike overlaps Rich and Tim takes the chance to pump a few rounds into Rich
    Name:  FC_03.23-109.JPG
Views: 158
Size:  229.9 KB

    I've just managed to slip into Hobz's blindspot, though it won't last, his arty are at work and he spots the fall of shot. Rob & Ajay head over to help out Mike & Tim
    Name:  FC_03.23-110.JPG
Views: 150
Size:  240.6 KB

    Mike, Rob & Ajay double team Rich at the top of the frame, Iain gets a shot at Mike; Hobz's gunner tags me as Tim runs in and gets a shot on him
    Name:  FC_03.23-111.JPG
Views: 146
Size:  236.7 KB

    There is a furious exchange across the board as everyone gets a dig in !
    Name:  FC_03.23-113.JPG
Views: 149
Size:  228.2 KB

    Rob claims Iain's 'Strutter as his victim and Tim falls to Baz in this messy exchange of lead & love - Mike & Ajay both jammed
    Name:  FC_03.23-114.JPG
Views: 141
Size:  227.0 KB

    Baz follows this up with a long range effort that knocks me down (he's just on the 0) but that 4 did for me
    Name:  FC_03.23-115.JPG
Views: 143
Size:  225.0 KB

    Hobz keeps on target and the tally slowly climbs. Albatrii scramble to chase him down
    Name:  FC_03.23-116.JPG
Views: 141
Size:  226.1 KB

    Mike gets on target and his shot takes Hobz down but unfortunately his battery are on target and Mike's fire kills him - no pics were taken
    Name:  FC_03.23-117.JPG
Views: 140
Size:  197.4 KB

    That was it, the hour was up. The Tommy lost both spotter's but hit one of the targets. Four Albatros were killed in the making of this game !
    Well done and thanks to all involved.
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    Sapiens qui vigilat "He is wise who watches"

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    Another grand day out. Thanks to all the pilots and planners. Always makes the trip well worthwhile. Even better when I can avoid being the first to crash and burn!

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    Shame we couldn't do better on the ground on Saturday, mate!
    Name:  Bekars Corner_12.jpg
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Size:  137.9 KB

    Sapiens qui vigilat "He is wise who watches"

  29. #29


    Did your luck "desert" you, then?
    I laugh in the face of danger - then I hide until it goes away!

  30. #30


    Apologies forum, for once I got their attention to 'watch the birdie' !

    Thanks Dave for the pair of Rogues Gallery pics.

  31. #31


    Great spat by the look of it chaps. Thanks for all the pictures.
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    "Courage is the art of being the only one who knows you're scared to death."

  32. #32


    Second instalment added to the photos post & corrections made to first

    Quote Originally Posted by Flying Helmut View Post
    Did your luck "desert" you, then?
    We concluded it was never with us !

    Sapiens qui vigilat "He is wise who watches"

  33. #33


    Great pictures and action Dave. Looks like a great time had by all

  34. #34


    Nice report Dave - plenty of memorable pics and reminders of the great competition. Thanks for sharing.

  35. #35


    Third instalment added

    Sapiens qui vigilat "He is wise who watches"

  36. #36


    4th instalment added - pics are complete !

    Sapiens qui vigilat "He is wise who watches"

  37. #37


    Thanks for adding in all the pics.

  38. #38


    what fun! Thanks for the pics and story - great day.

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