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    Hi Max,

    can I use your Macchi M5 card as my avatar, and, obviously, as my favorite airplane?
    In this case, what deck do you suggest?

    A warm "a si biri" - aka "arrivederci" - aka "see ya" from a sunny Sardinia
    Stefano "MadDoc" Mancosu

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    Hi Max, I copied a few airplane cards today and I just wanted to say - Thank you.
    Have a Happy New Year!
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    Nightbomber said you have the magic ability to clear the white background from my avatar. Can you do that for me please?
  4. Hi Max,
    thanks for the P11c, but name on the card should be "111 Eskadra Brygada Pościgowa". The red and white marks must be placed asymmetrical like that:
  5. Hi Max,
    I've just started playing ww1 socially with a couple of mates. A bit of a drink and a bit of a laugh.
    The Hutt Valley wargames club gets a couple of guys down from the Waiararapa that play but I haven't played a club game yet.
  6. It's already done for a scenario by Redwolf...He put it in his album, but I'll put it in mine since it's been a while and I don't know if he's finished the scenario.
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    Max there seams to be some debate as to who is doing a card for a V1to simplify things can you do one?
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    Thanks very much Alan the pictures of the Ki43 and Ki48 Lily (which I have just seen and saved) are great, thank you for making them up for me very much appreciated. Kind Regards Alastair
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    Alan I apologise for my typo with the Oscar, yes you are right it is the Ki43.. I will leave the colour scheme up to you, but I am want to use both aircraft for the Battle of Malaya and subsequent invasion of Indoniesisa. I know that is not much help, but I will be happy with what you paint. Have not been able to find out the names of any pilots. Regards Alastair
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    Max can I ask a favour, would it be possible for you to make up two custom cards, they are a Jap Ki47 Oscar and a Ki48 Lily bomber, there is no rush as I have not finished painting them yet (Armaments in miniature models) Regards Alastair
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    Hi Alan Where would I find Movement, Damage, Climb Rates, Cards Etc for the following aircraft,
    Fokker BI, DII, DV, DVI, DVIII
    Sopwith Pup, Baby, 1 1/2 Strutter
    Avro 504
    Rumpler GVI
  12. Max
    Thanks again for your work
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    Max baby I have nothing but praise for your fantastic work here, any chance you can the cards into different files, say by country? I was scanning through trying to see if you had a Fiat G50 and it was at that point I realised what and enourmous body of work you have here


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    Hi Ken ! hows things? when r u back in tnga?
    Bzone is hanging in there but only just, looks like due to financial reasons they will be downgarding their store stock in some way
    im hoping to get another WW1 campaign up and running soon, run it for 6-8 weeks but possibly not every wk depending on interest could be every 2nd wk
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    Very nice planes on your album !!! :-)
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    Wonderful target cards. One issue, the Whippet is backwards.

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    Hi Max!
    I also have seen your woderful target card, very nice.
    If you need more very high detailed image as background yust ask me. I work with satellite image every day, some with yust 0.5m pixel.

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    I just wanted to say thank you for uploading those wonderful target cards!
    It's a first class job: once I printed them and put them in sleeves with a normal card they are virtually indistinguishable from the "official ones". I liked mostly the truck serie: I've been planning to play a "bomb the convoy" scenario for a while.
    Ciao, Francesco.
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    Hi Max,

    Been forever and a day since i have had any real time on the forums here, and just saw your posting today! THANKS it is awesome !!! YOU are the MAN

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