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The Next Obscure Project - The Euler D.I

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Wrapping up the Pfalz Dr.I when decals arrive, having another go at the SS D.I since I hated how the paint scheme turned out, looking towards a Roland D.IIa for the Eastern Front, and one more crazed idea...a Euler D.I! I posted about this obscure plane last year, and might tackle one in one of two directions:

  1. Ares Chaput N.11 repaint, cutting off the Lewis gun or
  2. Reduced Aircraft Factory Shapeways N.16 with the synchronized gun

If I go the Chaput route, I know it will take two coats of linen color to cover the dark camo scheme on the Chaput. The win here is that the finish will be smooth. If I go for a Shapeways offering, the paint work is about the same, adding a layer of primer first before painting the base linen color. The synchronized version also means less work. I also know that the finish will be slightly grainy using the Gray PA12 print.

Performance wise, well, it ain't great! The Euler was slower than the N.11, so the E Deck is probably out. Might have to look at the XD Deck (I think) or come up with another solution. Climb rate was also worse than the N.11. But I do love the obscure and the simple paint scheme of the Euler is appealing.

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More on this one in the future!

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  1. camelbeagle's Avatar
    At a max speed of 140 km/h the unofficial aircraft stats worksheet would give it a XD deck.
  2. predhead's Avatar
    I thought as sucks! That's why I want to do one.