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  • Adding Peter Pig Pilots to your paints

    There have been several questions and threads in regards to adding pilot figures to your planes. I have recently given this a try for the first time with some Peter Pig pilots.

    The PPP are molded from the torso up only. This can cause issues when the plane you are putting them in only has a gaping hole for a cockpit. This was the case with my Shapeways Fokker DR.I:

    To solve this problem, I carefully filled the cockpit area with white glue (PVA or Elmer's) and let it dry. The PPP come to a little point at their waist. This works out quite well for my method. Once the glue dries, take a sharp razor blade or small drill bit and drill a small hole into the now rubbery glue. Add a drop of superglue to this new hole and insert your pilot:

    That's all it takes to fit these little guys in a cockpit near you!
    This article was originally published in forum thread: Adding Peter Pig Pilots to your paints started by Oberst Hajj View original post