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  • Building the Reviresco Hanover CL3 .

    Clean up the casting.
    Drill all holes to clear out burrs including the prop boss.
    Temporarily affix the under wing.
    Spray all parts white with primer.

    Remove wing.
    Over paint all parts which will have decals with a thin white wash of acrylic paint.Several coats may be needed to cover fully.

    Cut out decals to the outline.

    Paint all the coloured parts of the plane.
    Brush micro set to the sides and tail of the model.
    Affix side decals to the body.
    Fix decals to the tail in a similar manner
    Apply decals to the upper side of the lower wing and lower side of the upper wing.

    Glue lower wing to body.

    Glue tail plane to body.

    Position cabine struts and glue to body.(Use top wing as a jigto ensure correct alignment.

    Cut four main struts from wire and open holes in the wings with a drill angled to suit the rake of the struts.(ensure struts do not protrude.)

    Glue struts in place.

    Fill holes with filler and then smooth down with wet and dry paper.
    Apply micro set and the decals to the top and bottom wings.

    Brush micro set over the entire decal areas and leave to set over night.
    Turn plane upside down and assemble landing gear.

    Touch up paint on all struts.

    Varnish to taste.

    The only difficult part of this assembly is positioning and gluing the cabine struts. Take your time and ensure it all works easily dry before using glue.

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