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Thread: WGFM: Sopwith Pup Aces of World War 1 (Osprey)

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    Default WGFM: Sopwith Pup Aces of World War 1 (Osprey)

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    Sopwith Pup Aces of World War 1
    Norman Franks
    978 1 84176 886 1
    #67 of the Osprey Aircraft of the Aces series.
    A must for the Pup fans or for peolpe wanting to paint models of the Pup. There are more than 90 black and white photographs contained in the 96 pages. 16 color side profiles and 4 top down profiles are really helpful. I did not realize that 29 pilots achieved ace status while flying the Pup and 22 others claimed victories later were aces. Truly the best British fighter when first appeared at the western front in late summer of 1916 taking on Halberstadt D.II and D.III, Fokker D.II and the Albatros D.II and of course later the Albatros D.III.
    Pups served with the Naval squadrons and the RFC until late 1917.

    Other notes about the Pup:
    The Aerodrome approved unofficial stats: D maneuver deck, B damage deck, 12 damage points, 12 altitude and 4 climb rate. An aircraft to be reckoned with by the German player. A classic maneuver vs fire power match up.
    The 1/144 Pup model is carried by Reviresco, Skytex and Shapeways by Kampfflieger.
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    I was trying something alittle different by tying the book with Wings of Glory. Do you like the added stats and where to buy comments?

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    One interesting feature in the Appendices is the reproduction of "Notes on Aerial Fighting in Formation" by Flt Lt C R Mackenzie of 8 Naval Squadron. In his section on making a left turn he mentions aircraft making a "steep left hand turn". Of course we have no way of knowing how tight a turn those were. Elsewhere he showed great respect for the effectiveness of the enemy observers as gunners.

    In other parts of the book pilots lamented on only having one machine gun. There are two photographs of Pups with a Lewis gun mounted on the top wing in addition to the single synchronized Vickers gun. This was not common practice but I dare say some players of the game will want a model customized that way. A pilot was looking forward to receiving a Camel because it had two guns and because it could 'turn inside a Pup'.

    Much of the book records the various pilots' encounters with the enemy. It mentions the first ones with the Fokker Dr.I's (the trial machines sent out to Manfred von Richthofen and Werner Voss). Some R.F.C. pilots mistakenly thought they were Sopwith Triplanes even thought the R.N.A.S. had stopped using them.

    There are also the usual excellent colour plates and black & white photographs.

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