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Thread: KoTA 6C Out of the Sun.

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    Default KoTA 6C Out of the Sun.

    KoTA 6C. Out of the Sun.

    The patrol was going well as Cpt. Roderick King showed his new squadron rookie Sub Lt. Checkley the lines. They had climbed to about 10,000 feet when they spotted the two German aircraft about 1000 feet below and heading their way. King signalled Checkley and they banked as one and dropped out of the Sun onto the unsuspecting quarry below.

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    The first pass was indecisive but forced the Hun machines to break and circle round to try and regain the initiative.

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    The protagonists attacked again

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    It was a stunning sucess for the RFC.wa because the young Checkley’s first burst sent his antagonist in the Fokker DVII spinning into the ground.

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    King recognised his opponent immediately as none other than the Ace Christophe von Rogerstein,
    And with a few rounds from his over wing Lewis gun he was gratified to see smoke issuing from the Triplane.

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    Both aircraft now turned upon von Rogerstein and engulfed his machine in a hail of lead.
    With a lurch and a final splutter from his overheating engine he was forced to glide down to a bumpy landing just inside the German lines. It was all over in a matter of minutes.

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    King and Checkley returned to Bentangles with hardly a mark on their aircraft, and one victory a piece to celebrate in the mess that night.

    I can only apologise to both Chris who had come up from Northampton for the game, and Dave who had travelled from Westbridgford for the “Bang” card which really set the tenor of the whole sortie.

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    I did, however, allow them to get their revenge on me in the next game, which was even shorter as my Nieuport foolishly ran the gauntlet between their aircraft.
    This was nine cards into the game. Chris had been on my tail for four of them.

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    Nice AAR Rob - think you had fun with your opponents.

    Like the pictures and the models you used.

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    i really like the table you guys are playing on

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    Thanks chaps. I enjoyed it but I'm not sure that Stormkahn and Chris did. However. it was great to get one over on my old mentor Christophe von Rogerstein for once in a blue moon.

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    Way to go Rob - now do that against the Eagles !

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    Great AAR Rob, and good photos too - sounds like fun

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    great photos guys its always good to see the game mid play

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    Quote Originally Posted by sirosis o liver View Post
    i really like the table you guys are playing on
    The playing surface is from Terrain Mats here in the U.K. Travis. he personalised it to my own spec to fit in with the KoTA layout.

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    Nice report,great photos.I agree with Sir Osis on the gamemat

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    I'm always very sorry for your opponents, Rob. At least YOU had a great time(joking)

    Great you enjoyed the game even it wasn't last long
    Nice pics as usual

    I see Dave is in the mood for our Campaign

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    I wonder what happened to the shot down guys according to the KotA wound rules.


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