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Thread: Introduce the Zirndorf Flight to the altitude rules

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    Default Introduce the Zirndorf Flight to the altitude rules

    Zirndorf flight used very simple rules for WoG gaming in the past. To offer the guys more feeling for this great game, I tried to bring more challenging elements to our air activities.

    9th February 2012 we had our first "real" missions, teaching the guys altitude rules, collisions, AA-fire, limited ammunition and the altitude specials for baloon busting and bombing.

    We abstained from Fokker D.VII, Snipe, RAF S.E.5s and the Pfalz and used only R.E.8s and Rolands as twoseaters.

    To make it easier I created two simple flowcharts. The one with Immelman, Split-S, climb and dive maneuvers, the other with bombing diagrams.

    Mission 1 was a dogfight. Udet’s Albatros D.Va and Richthofen’s (revised) Fokker Dr.I vs. Fergusons RAF R.E.8 and Nungessers Nieuport 17 (controlled by myself). Goal was, to get experience with maneuvers and limited ammunition.

    We ended the mission when the Dr.I was shot down by multiple hits from the Entente planes. The Albatros pilot was a bit insecure at the beginning and keeps to much distance. (no photos)
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    Mission 2 was a bombing raid on a trench, guarded by another trench with an „A“ firing MG.

    My Flight comrades laughed at the beginning, cause the bombing maneuvers seemed so easy to them…

    I controlled Richthofen’s LGF Roland, escorted by Webers D.Va. Our opponents: Rickenbaker’s SPAD XIII and Thenault’s Nieuport 17.

    I headed straight for the trench, but tried to cheat the opponents with a curve and a Split-S. But I had forgot, that there is no Immelmann for the Roland. So I wasted time with a sensless maneuver giving the enemy time to place a few (4) but critical hits to my Roland. The mission ended before reaching the first trench.
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    We tried our luck again in Mission 3.

    This time with a RAF R.E.8 escorted by my Camel (Major Barker). A Fokker Dr. I and an Albatros D.Va defended the trench. Now my comrades realized that it isn’t so easy to hit that trench…

    The R.E.8 (controlled by the guy with the dark grey shirt) needed a few runs to damage the trench. I had my best misson with the good old Camel dealing lots of hits to the Central Power planes. Fortunately the Dr.I pilot was wounded with the first burst of my Vickers. This prevented him two or three times from hitting me really hard on short distance.

    After the half-successful bombing and no more ammo for my Camel, we left the battlefield.
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    Mission 4 was a baloon busting.

    To demonstrate the Rockets, we used a German Drachen manned with an important artillery spotter, defended by my Albatros D.III (Hautzmayer) and Richthofens (revised) Dr.I . To complete the mission, two “C” firing AA-guns guarded the baloon, too. I told my Flight, that those guns deal out an impressive damage, but the chances for a hit were low. (…so I thought)

    Two Nieuports attacked. One with rockets, the other with “A” firing incendary ammunition.

    In the first head on duel in front of the baloon the Nieuports fired at the Entent planes and vice versa. The first artillery shot missed.

    But then the mission ended as quick, as the first bombing mission. My Albatros D.III managed to hit the Rocket-Nieuport with an expolsion damage card, the moment it fired the complete rocket salvos at the baloon.

    Thenault's Nieuport was crushed in the air by a lucky AA hit, causing 8 damage points and a smoke damage. That was too much for the already damaged Nieuport.

    So both brave Entente pilots earned fame by exoploding simultaneously in the air.
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    We changed sides for Mission 5.

    Piloting Fonck’s SPAD XIII with incendary ammunition, I escorted "Rocket-Man" towards the baloon. The Albatros D.Va pilot managed to get soon in shooting postion, without a chance for me, to return fire. Performing an Immelman to bring death upon my enemys, my guns jammed and the Albatros finished me (after his Immelman) off.

    My sacrifice opend the way for the Nieuport and my comrade managed to fire two rocket salvos at the baloon - drawing two "Zeroes" from the "D" damage deck.

    We surrendered to the almighty baloon defenders...

    We ended the gaming night after 5 hours of intensive WoG gaming. The guys were surprised about the versatile options of the new rules.

    Think this was a succesfull basic training for the upcoming Zirndorf mini-campaign 2012.

    Enjoy the report - sorry for my English - it's a little bit late.

    Know that the photos could be more thrilling - but there were no time for photos in the hot phases of combat.
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    I think your report and pictures are great, and your english is just fine!!! Thanks for the report!!!

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    Thank you for posting an entertaining battle report with good narrative and pictures!

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    Quote Originally Posted by crashx View Post
    I think your report and pictures are great, and your english is just fine!!! Thanks for the report!!!
    Yeah, what he said! Looks like you guys had a great night of gaming!

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    Great time it must have been, Sven! Thanks for an interesting report. You made a very good introduction of the advanced rules. The bottles of beer add to the climate
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    An interesting series of battle reports Sven. I liked you vis aids for the hard of learning. I bet they helped to save no end of time.
    I must give my AA gunners some intensive training. They never seem to do that well.
    That Roland of yours was really unlucky to draw such a run of high cards.
    Thanks for the entertainment.
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    Thumbs up

    Congratulations Sven on a great idea to introduce the chaps to the advanced rules.
    Great AAR's & Pics.
    That 5 card draw for the Roland really hurt. "OUCH!

    I Note that suitable refreshments were available for the Pilots.

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    Thank you for your kind comments.

    It was real fun!

    Killed three bottles of Zirndorfer that night.

    Helped a lot when shot down/keeps moral high/belongs to every german flight.

    Voilà le soleil d'Austerlitz!

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    3 bottles only!
    Were you a driver that night, chap?

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    That was a problem Andrzej.

    Drinking and teaching the Flight the new rules - not possible!
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    I know that problem very well!
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