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Thread: I just got my Tarheel Hal P47D Thunderbolt

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    Default I just got my Tarheel Hal P47D Thunderbolt

    It is one of the New Ray series. FYI Tarheel Hal is from the 358'th Fighter Group I believe. I got it from eBay real cheap too. Now I got to mount the thing of beauty to a WoG stand. Can wait to spring this on the group.

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    I've got a couple of them, along with other New Ray aircraft. They are easy to mount. When you take the two screws out that holds them on stand, the larger hole in the fuselage is easy to fit a peg into that will fit into WOG pegs.

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    Can you post pics of this next to some other WoW planes? I've had my eye on this for a while (Jugs were the best...)

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    Looks very nice but next to other figs it'll jump out at you. I second that

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    All- here's and update after mounting the aircraft to a new stand. I used the WoG aircraft as a comparison

    New Ray Tarheel Hal on Litko stand

    New Ray Tarheel Hal being "busy" chasing WoG ME-109

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    1/200 - fits perfect to the WoW WW II planes.
    Voilą le soleil d'Austerlitz!

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    I love me the Jugs, but that one screams for a re-paint.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FrankJamison View Post
    I love me the Jugs, but that one screams for a re-paint.
    Not one bit to repaint. This is a real paint schema from the 358th Fighter Group. Basically, it has the same cowling and tail paintwork as the orignial. Below are links showing replica pictures of "Tarheel Hal" that was flown by Lt. "Ike" Davis during WWII.

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