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Thread: Grumman TBM-1 Avenger

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    Default Grumman TBM-1 Avenger

    Here it is guys my first paper model for WoG. I created couple of scenarios for pacific and Atlantic war theater for witch i need avenges so here is first of them.
    more pictures of building phase in my album

    I made some crucial mistakes in cutting and putting the parts together so it looks not much and got much flaws well i learn from my mistakes and the next ones will be much better. am planing to do more avengers ad some SBD Dauntless to.

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    Looking very good! Congrats on your work! Is it 1:200 scale, Radek?
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    Yup its 1:200 scale the model can be downloaded here :

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    Beautiful, Radek. I hope to see more from you.


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