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    Are there any Australian or NZ distributor's of REVIRESCO 1/144 scale models?

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    Default Reviresco


    Reviresco kits are available from

    This is a US based seller, address below.

    c/o John McEwan
    PO Box 3350
    Lacey, Washington
    98509-3350, UNITED STATES

    Many of our campaign players have purchased from them and I have not heard anything negative.



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    Thanks for that, do you know if they acept Pay Pal?

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    I just checked their web site and copied the following.

    Payment Options

    We currently accept Checks, Paypal, Visa, & Mastercard. If paying by check please allow 7 working days for the check to clear, before order can be processed.


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    At the risk of making someone mad (Hope Not) I would like to relate what I have experienced here. If you are looking for quality lead miniature planes I would encourage you to take a look at the Skytrex line if you have not already.
    I have been buying and assembling them for well over 15 years and I feel they are leaps and bounds above Reviresco. They have very similar lines with mostly the same planes. Reviresco dose however have Albatros two-seats and Skytrex dose not but the Rev planes are not the best in quality. The detail is not very good and the wings tend to be thin and warped or misshapen. The struts are almost never usable so make sure u can get some plastruct. I use .040"/1.0mm Styr. Square Rod. Their Decals are good and I have bought planes from them in the past just to get them although now I think you can get most of the decals by themselves. I have built over sixty Skytrex planes without much trouble compared to about 15 Rev planes and 3 or 4 Rev planes have become spare parts or worse... Fishing sinkers.

    Good Hunting,


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    I have not built anything made by them. I am about to put an order in for some a couple Reviresco Gladiators and a couple Cr-42`s in advance of last Biplanes coming out. Years ago i built 1:285 and 1:300 planes for both WW1 and
    WW2. You had GHQ , C in C and ROS as the main suppliers back then. GHQ were great, ROS were so so and C in C made great looking planes that could not be built.

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    There are a few Revirisco threads on here. I have no complaints about their planes, any 1/144 plane no doubt can be fiddly to build, I have a small number and they look great. i can't speak for the other kits.

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    Thanks, I could not help myself I had to get the Vossion (as I love the pusher aircraft) but also I belive it is one of the hardest to make, so i will just have to perswade/nagg my elder son into making it for me!

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    DOUG I just placed an order for some WW2 Reviresco, i will find out for myself. If he builds it you should let him fly it first! I saw your mention of pusher planes i remembered something i saw last Sunday going into the Norfolk Virginia airport. I did a search and came up with this. A Piaggio P.180 Avanti have you seen one flying. I heard it long before i saw it, the two small turboprops make a unique sound.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 800px-Avanti-on-tarmac.jpg  

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    Thanks Richard I had never seen Piaggio P.180, it look a very cool aircraft nice and clean design. As for the Vossion it does appear to be a very fragile modle so one my son has made it it will go straight into the display cabinet marked "grounded"

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    It looks like a Wright Flyer on wheels to me. That is delicate!

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