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Thread: Any Facebook experts out there?

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    Default Any Facebook experts out there?

    Any of you guys or gals fancy your self an expert with Facebook?

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    I am pretty fluent and active on Facebook ... as you know per conversations we have had before...
    Ken Head - "The Cowman"
    “You're only given a little spark of madness. You mustn't lose it.” Robin Williams

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    Experienced yes. Expert? Hard to say. It's always changing, and you never know what may happen next. Like this latest "timelines" thing.

    Are you looking for a way to connect facebook posts related to WoW to this forum? I've seen something like that in another forum.

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    I'm more interested in threads from the News & Announcement section getting posted (hopefully automatically) to the Wings of Glory Aerodrome Facebook page.

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    I think someone would have to write a Facebook app that basically pushed that info onto the Facebook page... that is outside of my expertise... but I could copy and paste if given access... it could be "manually" automatic...
    Ken Head - "The Cowman"
    “You're only given a little spark of madness. You mustn't lose it.” Robin Williams

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    I run several facebook site for our businesses & consider myself fairly capable. Would have to do some research on getting things to auto post or link. Most of what we do is daily manual updates & posts. Our mailorder sites allow posting & commenting from the product page.
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    Tommy, can you give me more info on this part "Our mailorder sites allow posting & commenting from the product page"?

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    A manual entry might not be that bad actually. I don't start new thread in this section very often and they are not always something that should be ported over to FB. I can even set this section of the site up so that an email gets sent whenever a new thread is started, so it would not have to be checked all the time.

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    You also have to be careful of Over-posting. I know when I start getting too many updates (a few of my friends in particular) I start hiding their posts and ignoring them. One seminar I read about said business facebook sites should be 60% general interaction & 40% Product/Sales related.

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    Yes, I read that as well. Looking over the last month, there is only like 4 threads that I would have cross posted to FB... and none of the posts in the thread would be moved over, just the initial post to get people looking here.

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    As a short term approach I guess I could manually post links through the Air Wargames Society page until you implement an approved solution? If that sounds Ok PM me the threads and I can do it pretty quickly

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    David, I already have a Wings of Glory Aerodrome page setup, so they can be posted via that. I just have to decide what all I really want to include.

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    I guess this should be the point where I chime in with a "there's a Wings of Glory Aerodrome facebook site?!?!"

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    Yep Hopefully that link works... I really suck at FB


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