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Thread: WWII Deluxe Rules

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    Default WWII Deluxe Rules

    Anyone have a lead on the rules that come with the deluxe boxed set.

    John B.

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    Thanks for the info, but they are the rules that come with with the original dawn of war boxed set.
    I believe there is an enlarged sst with with the deluxe set.
    My deluxe set came with the rules in German.

    Thanks John B

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    Hummmmm, I have the deluxe set with the hard copy of rules, I will have to check it out to see if it's different than the link I posted!

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    Yeah, the delux rules are definately different than the DoW version. COmbines Dow and fire from the sky. Have not seen and electronic copy yet.

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    Thanks again for your replies.
    I will continue searching the internet.

    John B

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    John B,

    Your best bestis to monitor this site:

    Since it is a new book my guess is they will eventually post it. All the other books are there.



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    Thanks will do.

    I have a feeling that the rule book is an amalgamation of dawn of war and fire from the sky.

    But until I can understand GermanI am lost.

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    I think you are correct, just a Burning Drachens on the WWI side was for the previous books.

    I have not read it yet, but will check for you when I get home.

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    I guess you are right, the German rules include basic rules, altitude, fuel, aces skills, bombing (including the Stuka special rule), ground fire (infantry and FLAKs) and some scenarios.

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    Red face

    On checking the rules that come with the deluxe set, I believe that they cover a few things that are not covered in dawn of war or fire from the sky.

    I do wish they had taught us German in my school days.

    John B

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    Ach! I'm curious about this. Anybody can check? Are there really new rules in Deluxe? That'd be a nice reason to check it out.

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    I believe so, there are also at least two new counters, one looks like fuel drop tanks and the other is a rocket.
    I would appreciate if anyone who has the english version would scan pages 27 and 28 and upload to the files section.

    John B

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    True, there are rules for rockets and extra fuel tanks.

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    HI all, I have the delux set but my rulebook is in "italian"..
    In my rulebook, on page 27-28, there are rules for extra fuel tank and rockets..

    If you need I can post an english translation or a pdf of those pages (or all the book).

    Have a nice fly

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    I'll try and remember to scan my English copy tonight and post it up for everyone.

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    Download the English version Here.

    John B.

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    John...thank you!

    I'm kind of surprised after learning what happened in WoW that DoW still faces the same multi-rulebook challenge...

    Why not do 1 rulebook and post "upgrades" to the official sites that cover the few pages of new stuff with each release for free???

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    Well, that is what the do to an extent. Each new set has the most up to date rules in the rule book that comes with it. They then put those new rules up as PDF for free download.

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    I was looking for the English version after buying the German. I sent an e-mail to fanasy flight games they replied in less than a week asking what it was I required, the translation was on their site within 5 minutes of my reply to them.

    First class service I reckon.

    John B

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