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    GilmoreDK wrote:
    Hmm.. I think this says a lot more about the differences in claiming policies among the allied powers, than it says about Dreidekker enemies.

    The French used a much, much rigid claims system than the British. this and the fact that the French did not accept OOC as a kill.

    - Gilmore
    So what were the different systems to have ones kill confirmed?
    I know that the RFC could share a kill between several pilots but the Germans didn`t.
    What else?

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    Danke Schon !

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    In Austro-Hungarian Luftfahrttruppe did not share a single kill.
    If two pilots are involved in an aerial victory, and it was not sure who was the one who shoot the enemy finaly down, both pilots added a kill to their tally.

    source: Austro-Hungarian Army Aircraft of World War One

    In such a situation in the german Fliegertruppe the involved pilots would have pulled a straw.


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    Good links!

    Found that in "Pusher Aces of World War 1" from Osprey Publishung it says that "driven down" wouldn`t be counted as a kill anymore sonce January 1916 it seems.


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