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Thread: Sails of Glory, do you plan on playing?

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    Default Sails of Glory, do you plan on playing?

    How many of you fly boys plan on joining the navy when this game comes out?

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    Count me in.
    Führe, folge, oder geh' mir verdammt nochmal aus dem Weg.
    Lead, follow or get the hell out of the way

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    I'll buy the initial starter to see what it's like.. I used to love the old Avalon Hill, Wooden Ships and Iron Men.. so this kinda gets me excited

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    same here. I have a dystopian fleet right now. FSA

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    My initial impression was kind of luke-warm and then I thought about pre-painted miniatures of the big warships of that era and I was instantly sold.

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    Got to give it a try at least.
    "Courage is the art of being the only one who knows you're scared to death."

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    Hey, would be nice to have a new game, and worse case, could use the mini's in wooden ships & iron men game.

    As far as navy... would be nice to have some ww1 seaplanes.

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    Probably. It depends on the rules. if they give a decent game that has a suitably historical feel to it then yes. If not and it ends up like Warhammer Historical's "Trafalgar" then I'll pass (good looking rules but too many areas where i just ended up thinking "why did they do that when it would have been so easy to fix...). And a big plus will be whether it is tied to prepaints or not. If it comes as a set that can be bought without minis then I'll be more tempted than otherwise. To be honest the lure of prepainted minis isn't a draw for me as I have a hundred or so 1/1200 Napoleonic naval minis already from Langton, Skytrex and GHQ, and another hundred or so in 1/2400 from Figurehead. Plus a load in 1/450 from Peter Pig (although these are more suited for games in earlier eras). For earlier eras, yes. I have a medieval naval project on the go at the moment and some prepainted cogs and caravels would do wonders for that. Likewise for my Korean turtle ship project. Although I suspect I'll be waiting many years for anything that will be useful for those projects

    So, to sum up - yes if it comes in a box like "Famous Aces", maybe if it is only available in a box with prepaints (unless they are spectactularly lovely)

    That said, as a naval wargamer of long standing (including 1:1 scale on occasion) and having held several posts in the committee of the Naval Wargames Society, I'd welcome anything that gets more players into the naval side of the hobby

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    Afraid not, there's another miniatures system coming out in November that looks likely to eat up a large chunk of my gaming budget. Might still give it a go further down the line when the product line's further developed.

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    Today at the club the initial view was one of keen interest from all.

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    Yes, of course!

    I'am big fan of the Napoleonic Age.

    Vive L'Empereur!

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    Definitely worth trying because of the idea and the author behind it, but I'm not a seawar gamer at all.

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    OH yeah, I've been looking for a complete system. Hey why not come out with ship cards and miniatures. Just like WOW. That way you try the starter. If you like the mechanics, then you buy the miniatures. That's what I did for WOW.


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    SGN will not have a card version. It will be miniatures only.

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    All ready started into Trafalgar, but if minis are same scale asGHQ. then probaly

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    In for a starter set. Anything past that is up to how fun the game is! Of course, with the man in charge, I anticipate it being a hoot!

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    I was a big fan of WS&IM in the 80's so yeah I'll play it. I'll be more interested if they make it to doing Ancients like the article said.

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    SGN will not have a card version. It will be miniatures only.
    Bummer, they may lose out on a lot of potential players that way.

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    GHQ has produced 1/1200 Napoleonic ships for many years.
    They are priced from $8.75 to $13.95 US dollars.
    If you were really lucky, you might find a collection of these ships for sale at a convention or on eBay.

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    Quote Originally Posted by David Manley View Post
    Bummer, they may lose out on a lot of potential players that way.
    I think it is a safe move. Wings of War did not really take off until they added the miniatures. There is a reason the miniatures are sold out every here and the core sets/booster packs are not. Not making a card version of SGN will free up a lot of need cash and will allow them to release miniatures more often... or that should be the effect.

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    It might well be safe, but it risks alienating a large number of players who already have large collections of 1/1200 models. I sense that WoW tapped in to a considerable frustration amongst modellers who wanted to get into WW1 air wargaming but were put off by all those struts. Perhaps why WW2 hasn't done as well for WoW since 1/200 and 1/300 models are that much easier to do. Looking across my collections of wargaming friends who are into air gaming, the WW1 crowd are almost entirely WoW based (albeit moving on to more complex systems in some cases); for WW2 all but a couple use other systems. Looking at my naval wargaming colleagues there seem to be alot mor eplayers wit established fleets out there. A few may appreciate pre-paints (as long as the quaility is good) but most would appreciate a chance to use the new system with their existing models. It should be possible to accomodate both new and existing players, I would have thought.

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    Well, miniatures is what sells and they are a business. Besides, I'm sure all you established navy guys will find a way to use all those ships if the rule system is good. And I'm pretty sure most of you will be fine with spending around $50-$60 for a good rules set if it comes with a couple of nice pre-painted minis (I can't see the quality be less then the planes). I mean, you already have hundreds of them... is 4-6 more going to hurt? lol

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    I cant wait for this to come out.....

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    My gut says yes, but will wait to see what the ships look like and what reviews come back. I'm sure it will be hit. The ships will remind me of the small ships in "Broadsides and Boarding Parties" (Milton Bradley Gamemaster series) that I have from way back in the 80s. The moving mechanics worked great for that game with cards.

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    @ David: I'd say WW2 hasn't done so well because of the subject matter of the minis. The line should have started with p-51's, Fw-190's, Spits, and Bf-109G's. I like the early war stuff but it is not what most folks are after myself included. I still like AH's Airforce for WW2 too much as well.

    I think SGN will likely be a great entry level game for those who aren't into hardcore wargaming (which seems to be most fo the gaming community these days) as it seems that simple games are the rule of the day. I've tried to teach enough Avalon Hill Gladiator and Circus Maximus at Vul-Con events in the past 6 months to a younger crowd to know that complicated games tend to boggle their mind for the most part.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anav View Post
    I cant wait for this to come out.....
    I knew you would be in. LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oberst Hajj View Post
    I knew you would be in. LOL
    Dont Hate!!.....Prepainted warships models is Awesome!!! I have a crap ton of GHQ models....still grey....

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    Maybe is my answer.

    Money are the discriminator!


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    Ivan, I think you are right to some extent on the WW2 angle, the choice of initial WW2 minis hasn't been that wonderful. Mustangs and Fw190s would have sold like hot cakes I suspect. On the naval front, yes I'm hoping the new game will act as a pull to new players. ome to think of it, prepainted roman chariots and a "circus maximus" playmat would probably do rather well too!

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    I mean, you already have hundreds of them... is 4-6 more going to hurt? lol
    Yes, if I'm also shelling out on new WW1 prepaints. There is a recession on you know

    However, my point stands. I can see very good reasons for pushing the game as "minis only", I can see plenty of value in an introductory set with (say) 4 frigates and some small terrain (I'm thinking card islands or shore batteries here) for $50-$60, but I can ALSO see considerable benefit in making the game materials available without models. Its like manoeuvre decks in the expansion packs. I can quite easily make up my own, but I'm happier buying things like Immelmann and Crossfire to get the decks I need for the extra minis that I have acquired (and flight stands too). I would like to be able to have the same opportunity with this new set of naval rules.

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    I'm in if it will have the prepainted and assembled mini's. That been the primary reason I've no assembled fleets. Just to small and fidly for me to put together.

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    Been wanting to do this type of game since watching, Captain Blood, The Sea Hwak and then Gregory Peck in Hornblower, so a resounding yea from me

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    I answered "Maybe".

    The reason is that I like ships, especially pre-steam ships.
    But I haven't really got a clue about his game!

    What do we really know about it anyhow?

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    P.S.: But WoW/WoG remains my favourite

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    Napoleonic stuff doesn't usually float my boat but the war at sea does (pun intended). Whether I diversify further may be the question for me. WoW is already a pleasant distraction from my main WW2 & Modern skirmish systems & not sure I would add another - unless it was really good!
    Has Keith offered to be the Grand Admiral for a forum yet?!

    "He is wise who watches"

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    Quote Originally Posted by flash View Post
    Napoleonic stuff doesn't usually float my boat but the war at sea does (pun intended). Whether I diversify further may be the question for me. WoW is already a pleasant distraction from my main WW2 & Modern skirmish systems & not sure I would add another - unless it was really good!
    Has Keith offered to be the Grand Admiral for a forum yet?!
    Do you image our Oberst Hajj with this hat?

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    It's not a Joke Look at this link:

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    In principle I'm interested, in fact it's gonna depend on the buy-in cost--looks like I'm sitting out A&AAFM unless the prices settle down or I can justify it to the beancounters.

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    The opinion among friends at the local game store was very positive - we're definitely on board!

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    I f the price is right I defenitely am going to buy the starter set...from there on we'll see

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    I just saw this thread and where to I find out about this new naval game?

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    I'm very keen -- I already have a sizeable collection of resin 1/1200 ships but haven't played Napoleonic naval for years -- it'll be great to be able to dust them off and launch them again.

    Having said that, they are relatively old models and are nowhere near as nice as the GHQ and other 1/1200 miniatures available now. so I'll likely still look at buying some of the official miniatures.

    I do hope that the official ones are going to have removable masts.... ;-)


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    If the ship miniatures are as nice as the aircraft, count me in!

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    I'll want to see it first, but very interested.

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    As long as it comes in a starter pack I'll most likely be picking one up.

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    Offtopic: Ran into James Denberger at a local model shop--nice meetin' ya, JD!

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    Looks like a new game over the horizon!! Aye, aye Skipper!!

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    Can't wait to buy them all. Loved WS&IM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oberst Hajj View Post
    SGN will not have a card version. It will be miniatures only.
    That's a shame.

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    Still got an avatar and a nickname for "Sails of Glory":

    François-Paul Brueys d’Aigalliers, Comte de Brueys

    ...and this time, I'll send Nelson down the bay of Abukir.

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