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Thread: Flight Club 07/'24 at Entoyment, Poole

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    Default Flight Club 07/'24 at Entoyment, Poole

    Hard on the heels of FC 04/'24 comes the eleventh meeting of Flight Club set to go ahead on Sunday 14th July 2024 at Entoyment Poole for yet more WGF mayhem

    The usual crowd have already been notified but if you're a forum member that wants to come and join the fun then get your name down & let me know via PM if you want attend.
    This is not an Entoyment event ie you cannot book a place to play via the shop. I will manage the table - Cost to cover the tables will be three quid a head on the day to be paid to flash on arrival please.
    This is not a demo/participation like we'd usually put on at an event but a day for us veterans to get into some more involved gaming and play some bigger, longer, WW1 scenario type games than we may usually get at a show.

    I will update an idea of content nearer the time but, as they usually go down well, there will be one hour dogfights in the mix and maybe an opportunity to fly something you don't have or don't use too often.

    If anyone has a scenario idea they'd like to put on for this event please PM me.

    A couple of images from the last outing:

    L-R: Baz (Baz); Iain (Chianti Warrior); Mike (mikeemagnus); Pete; Andy (Sherlochnumber1) & Hobz (Yellow Peril)

    L-R: Gary (Hu Rhu); Jason (local player); Mark (Woof); Tony (Tonyc206) & Stuart

    For those not familiar with the location the address is:
    Entoyment, Unit 2, Fleetsbridge Business Centre, Poole BH17 7AF. The venue opens at 10.00, we are usually allowed in before that time and ideally we will start the first scenario at 10:00 and we're usually spent by 17.00 if not before.

    There's good parking, they are able to provide hot food & plenty of tea; there is a Tesco store not far away (within walking distance) if you want something different, which also has a fuel station attached for those travelling distance.

    Entoyment also still sells WoG, both WGF & WGS as well as SoG, !

    If you'd like to see what you're in for here are the previous events:

    These are the usual table rules:
    No kids.. other than us..
    No altitude.
    No tailing.
    No disruption.
    Aim in play (+1 consec hits)
    Split-S in play.
    Blind spots in play.
    EXP = Half start damage rounded up.

    Potential Attendees:

    Those highlighted are in.

    Dave (flash)
    Andy L (Ajay)
    Tim (Flying Helmut)
    Barrie (Baz)
    Gary (Hu Rhu)
    Andy B (Scherlochnumber1)
    Hobz (Yellow Peril)
    Iain (Chianti Raider)
    Sean (Algonquin)
    Tony (tonyc206)
    Pete (aka Assassin)
    Suzie (Suka)
    Alex (Prodromoi)
    Mark (Woof)
    Mike (Mikeemagnus) - Away Boating
    Justin (JuD) - Family thing
    Richard - working
    Last edited by flash; 05-22-2024 at 01:08.

    Sapiens qui vigilat... "He is wise who watches"

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    All likely lads Dave. Good luck with that lot especially that Mikee chap.
    You obviously earned your Squadron Leadership the hard way.
    "Courage is the art of being the only one who knows you're scared to death."

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