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Thread: Mayhem Apr 19-21 2024

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    Default Mayhem Apr 19-21 2024

    Mayhem Gaming Convention in Lebanon New Hampshire April 19-21
    Event site by Tabletop Events HERE.

    Mayhem is a new convention. Last year was its first but I did not attend. This year I will be there running two games.

    Friday 7pm The Martians Have Landed! (T&T)
    Summer of 1918 saw strange streaks across the sky of western europe. Both the Central Powers and Entente were stunned with the events that quickly unfolded. Large three legged mechanical monsters were running amok destroying everything they came upon. A truce was quickly agreed upon and a joint effort to combat the invaders followed. The landing sites were prime targets. If they could be destroyed the invasion could be stemmed. Fly the best aircraft available to save earth, or don your red cap and drive a tripod, wreaking havoc subjugating humanity to the Martian will.

    Saturday 7pm Prying Eyes Across the Lines (WGF)
    The RAF in late spring of 1918 were desperate to help their ground troops during the German offensive. Camels of 209 Squadron are patrolling the front to intercept any German attempt to cross over the lines. The Germans needed to know where their own advanced troops were so they could direct the next actions. Recon planes had to get across the front to identify the lines. Jasta 26 will escort the recon planes on this important mijssion.
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