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Thread: WGS damage rules question

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    Default WGS damage rules question

    I familiar with WGF rules, but not so much with WGS rules. I understand the basic rules are the same, although I'm not sure about use of damage cards. For example the Grumman Wildcat has six guns. When firing at an opponent, does the opponent draw six B damage cards?

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    WGS uses chits rather than cards.
    The damage dealt is a bit more complicated than WGF:
    The A chit represents 1 or 2 7.62mm/30 cal MGs or 1 12.5mm/50 cal MG.
    The B chit represents 4 7.62mm/30 cal MGs or 2 12.5mm/50 cal MG.
    The C chit represents 1 20mm (or so) cannon
    The D chit represents 1 37-40mm cannon.

    This is at short range. At long range, the gun groups drop down 1 chit, so that a B chit goes down to an A.
    The exception to this is a single cannon C chit goes down to an A rather than a B.
    Note there has been a lot of discussion in the past concerning the actual deadliness cannons, particularly the D class, as many/most in service were low velocity and low rof weapons.

    So for example, your Wildcat with 6 50cal MGs (some models had 4) would be B-B-B at short range, and A-B at long, where 2 of the Bs would combine to become 1 B, and the remaining 2 Bs drop to an A.

    Since no single gun can drop to nothing (if it's by itself, e.g. a single flexable 30 cal MG for the rear gunner), then a short range A stays an A at long range.
    If a single A type gun is shooting with others (say a pair of 50 cal MGs), then at long range, that single gun drops to nothing, while the other drop to their alloted chit (B dropping to A, in this case).

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    Thanks, Karl. This is helpful. I'll read through some WGS AARs and pay close attention to damage assessments.

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