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Thread: WGS a/c scales....1/200 vs 1/144

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    Default WGS a/c scales....1/200 vs 1/144

    Even though my interest lies primarily in WGF, I do have interest in WGS, particularly in the Pacific theater.

    In terms of miniatures, I understand the WGS official scale is 1/200, but 1/144 is sometimes mentioned. There may be good reasons a player may prefer one scale over the other. Is this due to availability of miniatures or the availability of maneuver decks?

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    It doesn't matter what scale plane you use with the decks (I'm going to use 1/700 aircraft with the WW2 decks!) just so long as you are consistent with the card decks themselves (ie don't mix WW1 decks with WW2; they don't correlate).

    Some players, particularly in the USA, use 1/144 minis due to the wide availability of the F-Toys models (VERY rare in Europe).
    The only drawback is that the models are larger, so they bump into each other more frequently, and can be hard to position on the table when closely engaged.
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    Just don't mix scales within a game, is my suggestion. If you choose to use 1/144 scale, stay with models of that size within a game.

    It could be possible to put 1/200 scale bombers on a table with 1/144 scale fighters, and it wouldn't look too odd? I haven't tried it.

    However, finding lots bombers at 1/200 scale is probably the biggest problem. There are a few Zvezda planes (Link here: - 1/200 Scale Models), but they require assembly and painting, and still need all the accoutriments for Wings of Glory that F-Toy planes need.

    PS: Sorry, I just noticed that the Zvezda models are much more appropriate for Battle of Britain, and not good for the Pacific Theatre at all.
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    Armaments in Miniature (AiM) has a good selection in 1/200 scale. Good quality and customer service.

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