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Thread: First attempts at printing

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    Default First attempts at printing

    This week I finally got around to using my 3D printer in anger for the first time. Having previously run some calibration prints I decided to try something big. It did not go so well:

    At some point relatively early in the print the raft began to unstick from the build plate, though it did hang on sufficiently that after two hours I only had to prize the deformed Sunderland off the build plate and not an overcured Sunderland pancake from the VAT. I think the raft design generated by the slicer was not well designed as it had raised edges to assist removal and was a solid plate potentially allowing uncured resin to be trapped underneath- ideal for peeling off.

    In disappointment I set about preparing another file and noticed the slicer interface looked different - turns out it had been updated but I used an old version for the Sunderland. The new version uses a flat raft with drain holes which stuck perfectly so just over an hour later I had a pair of B-24s.

    There is a slight kink in the vertical stabs where they join the horizontal stab, I assume they must bend slightly when printing as they are not laterally supported until they reach the horizontal stab. One to fix for next time but I still think they are tabletop worthy and I'm amazed at the level of detail achievable with my cheap setup.

    Printer: Anycubic Mono 4k with standard resin
    Files: Roman Troyan (planeprinter)

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    You "speak in tongues", sir.......

    ...but the results look good to me!
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    Mmmmm, Liberators. Loks really good Mark.

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    Also looks play worthy to me Mark.
    Very impressive for a new venture.
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    Nice work on the B24s Mark.

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    That looks like a good result for your first proper print.

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    I'd suggest removing the supports using the "hot water" method before you cure them, it makes it much easier

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    go big or go home it is i guess! at least the libs turned out alright.

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