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Thread: Wings of Glory Balloon Wave Unboxing Video!

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    Default Wings of Glory Balloon Wave Unboxing Video!

    That's right, they're real! I have a video I just uploaded that showcases them AND shows a side by side with the old Wings of War versions!

    Wings of Glory Balloon Wave Unboxing

    Name:  unboxing <acronym title=wog.jpg Views: 185 Size: 71.7 KB" style="float: CONFIG" />

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    Nice video showing the new balloons and especially enjoy the comparison with the older Wings of War version.

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    No great differences then apart from slight colours and a bit of restyling on the aircraft, plus more variety in decals and the ability cards already mentioned here on the Drome.
    Nevertheless thanks for bringing us the heads up for this link John.
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    I received an email from 'Ares' yesterday...

    "We are receiving these new models at our European warehouse before the end of this week, and we will prepare your shipment soon"

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    This looks like a great addition to the game. Thank you for doing the video. I noticed that the balloons can be flown either as Germans or the Allies, but the planes are all Allied planes. Are the maneuver decks with these planes specific to balloon busting, so that you have to wait for the release of German balloon busting planes, or can you use any German WOG WW1 plane to operate against an Allied balloon?

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    John - you don't need special German balloon busting planes, i.e., ones with rockets. Any plane can shoot their conventional guns at balloons using an A-deck or B-deck, depending on if the plane has a pair of guns or a single gun, respectively. The use of guns on balloons is on page 29-30 in the Rules booklet. The use of rockets has restrictions in using them but inflict damage with the D-deck. See the Special Weapons section, page 35, on rockets. Enjoy!

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    nice video! i especially like the spinner, though i dont think it wouldve worked very well with my zeppelin lol.

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