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    Default Little did I know

    Yes well .... Tuesday came and we met at my hangar. Doug was on leave, so it was Wayne, Mark and myself. My scenario was for two LFG Roland D.VIb fighters to intercept two Sopwith Snipes who were stooging around near the German seaports. A quick roll of the dice and Mark ended up with flying both of the Rolands, Wayne flying the stripey Snipe and me the yellowish one. We agreed that boom was to be half damage rounded down.

    My first mistake was to try to get some room between our two snipes as I was concerned about collision. Wayne had no such qualms and just headed straight for the enemy planes. The result of that was that I was way out of position to help him as the three other planes began their dance of death.

    First shots and a Roland got jammed but he did score on Wayne too.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    My belated arrival enabled me to get a shot or two into Wayne's nemesis but I think to no effect on him!
    He got me with the boom card.

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    Red tail came swarming in to join the fray and I collected a 3 damage with wounded pilot sauce and jam for dessert.

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    Wayne rejoined the fray and became Smokey.

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    Red tail's friend also joined in to really hammer Wayne.

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    In an attempt to help my wingman I tried a long range shot to no effect.

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    Both Germans continued to give Wayne a lead lunch.

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    Alas poor Yorick .....

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    Thinking that I still had 5 damage points left, I tried a long range shot.

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    Unfortunately for me them Germans was flied by an Ace!!!!

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    Well what can I say? the planes were pretty well matched but we were out flown. A decisive victory for those German chappies.
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    Ha, funny you should use that Shakespearean quote - my long deceased uncle was known in his hometown by the nickname ‘Yorrick’!

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    Well played but you chaps were up against it with a brace of Roland's being flown in concert.. What's done can't be undone !

    "He is wise who watches"

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    Nice AAR n photos Gary. Short, sharp and extremely painful for the Brits

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    Well, that was quick but brutal. Sometimes you can't fight fate. Thanks for posting.

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    Really fun AAR, Gary. Interesting match up, Rolands vs Snipes. Roland a/c are attractive in their own way, so glad to see them in your game.

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    Fun matchup! Thanks for sharing!

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    Glad you had a good game without me. Thanks for the AAR so I can vicariously join in.

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    Nice AAR, Gary!

    Thanks for sharing it with us.
    I laugh in the face of danger - then I hide until it goes away!


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