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Thread: vah_han's presentation

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    Smile vah_han's presentation

    Hello everyone,

    My name is Vahan, I'm kind of new to WOG since I recently puchased few planes and game mat a few months ago. I've started to play this lovely game with with friends for now and getting familiar with rules.

    By the way we are newbies and we definately have many things to learn and getting familiar with "all" rules of the game. As a board games fan and aviation lover for my life, I've accepted the challenge
    I already have few questions about the game, however someone else must already have asked for it, for now i'm looking across the forum if i find any answers.

    Anyway, I'm happy to join the community on this forum. It looks like a real wealth of informations for me already

    Thank's for the Admins and members.

    PS: As a good french guy, my english skill is far to be perfect so i really hope i'll be able to be understandable. My appologizes.

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    Welcome to the Aerodrome from the USA. You "landed" at a great place for information on rules, airplanes, gaming ideas and friendship. Enjoy!

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    Welcome to the Aerodrome Vahan. There are many here that will happily answer any questions you have. Don't worry about your English. Many of us native speakers have trouble with it!

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    Welcome to the 'drome, Vahan!
    You will see that you'll find a very nice community here ready to answer all your questions, even if they have been asked before!

    You and your friends will become aces in no time and - speaking out of personal experience - participating in a forum will make you much more comfortable in English!

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    Hello from South Australia Vahan. I think your location has you living in the Alps? The tallest mountain around here is only 710 metres. It must be very pretty where you live.

    Bonjour de l'Australie du Sud Vahan. Je pense que votre emplacement vous a vivre dans les Alpes? La plus haute montagne ici est à seulement 710 mètres. Ça doit être très joli là où tu vis.

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    Bienvenue sur l’Aerodrome, le repère international de tous les joueurs de Wings of Flory.
    N’hésite pas à survoler également Le Cirque Volant où la communauté francophone est active.

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    Welcome from Portland, Oregon, Vahan.

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    Hi Vahan, welcome from the U.K,
    Run for your life - there are stupid people everywhere!

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    Great to have a new member of the French Wing Join us Vahan.

    Fly safe.
    "Courage is the art of being the only one who knows you're scared to death."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teaticket View Post
    Welcome to the Aerodrome Vahan. There are many here that will happily answer any questions you have. Don't worry about your English. Many of us native speakers have trouble with it!
    Hey, I resemble that remark! My talking is good n stuff.

    Welcome to the game - you'll have fun here.

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    Welcome to the 'drome Vahan from Dorset in England, just across the ditch ! We're always willing to field questions about the game and I have collated most of the common ones in this linked thread often with answers from Andrea (Angiolillo) the game's designer.
    PS Your English seems way better than my French will ever be so I'm sure you'll be easily understood.

    Sapiens qui vigilat... "He is wise who watches"

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    (welcoming head bobs) from the Lizard here in the 'States. You certainly are in the right place for questions. Flash's thread he referenced is a great one for newbies, and there's also the files section for many, many add-ons, such as "Unofficial" aircraft, experimental/what we call "house" rules, scenarios, and the like. And if you can't find the answers, just ask again, someone here is sure to be able to point you at where the question has been answered, or can dig up the answer. We're a friendly bunch.

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    Welcome from Kentucky, USA, Vahan! I hope you and your friends have lots of fun with the Wings games, they can make for some memorable battles. Many folks here are glad to help grow the game. Some resources and tips that may help if you get addicted:

    Wings of Linen wiki - has brief descriptions on most planes in the Great War as well as game data, production numbers, and charts for usage, including unofficial planes.
    Full color shapeways models - You can get many unofficial planes here inexpensively. Stands and maneuver decks are needed (for maneuver decks I will send you a link to google doc of all of them, just print and cut with a paper cutter).
    Altitude rules - more advanced play but opens up the tactics of the game... this was an area that stymied me at first but members here have a better rules system in my opinion that uses altitude and climb chits that enables planes to better climb back into the fight. Gain 2 climb chits when playing a climb card. Gain altitude level based on the climb rate of the plane. Retain climb counters on a dive card. Gain 1 climb counter on an Immelmann card, lose 1 on a Split-S.
    Collision rules - when playing without altitude most members here use the "peg on base" overlap house rule to reduce the number of collisions and to determine if one occurs. There are rock/paper/scissors cards in Files section if you wish to further reduce the chances of damage.

    Most of all, have fun and enjoy the chaos

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    Welcome to the Drome Vahan. No question to big, no question to small. Dive in n enjoy yerself.

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    Welcome to you from Bristol uk, dont be afraid to ask if you have a question, someone will have an answer for you

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    Welcome aboard from the North of England, always glad to see new friends from abroad.

    Never Knowingly Undergunned !!

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    Welcome from the wonderful midwest of the United States!

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    Welcome to the 'Drome, Vahan!
    I laugh in the face of danger - then I hide until it goes away!

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    Salut vah_han le gone!
    11 ans passés sur l'aéroport de Lyon je connais un peu le coin...

    Bienvenue; comme le précise Simon (monse) on (WoW & WoG) existe aussi sur "le cirque volant"

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    Vahan L.
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    Many thanks for all your messages !

    Some Links here will be very useful for me and also for my friends who like to play from time to time to this beautiful game.
    This is kind of dangerous on money side hehe.

    Here is the list of what I own at the moment :

    - WOW WWI Deluxe Set
    - WOW WWI Famous Aces
    - WOW WWI Flight Of The Giants

    - WOG WWII Battle Of Britain Set

    -WOW Game Mat - East section
    -WOG Game Mat - Campain section


    - Battle of Britain starter set (2 Spitfire and two Me109)

    - Albatros D.V (Deluxe set)
    - Fokker Dr.1 (Deluxe set)
    - Fokker Dr.1 (Richthoffen)
    - Fokker Dr.1 (Baumer)
    - Fokker Dr.1 (Kempf)
    - Fokker Dr.VIII/E.V (Sharon)
    - Pfalz D.III (Hotlzem)
    - Pfalz D.III (Voss)
    - Rumpler C.IV (Luft. 8256)
    - UFAG C.I (161-37)
    - UFAG C.I (Luft. 2)

    - Breguet BR.14 B2 (Audinot/Hellouin de Cénival)
    - Airco DH.4 (Bartlett/Naylor)
    - Nieuport 11 (De Turenne)
    - Nieuport 11 (Chaput)
    - Nieuport 23 (Kibanov)
    - R.A.F SE5 (Dallas)
    - R.A.F SE5 (Mc Cudden)
    - Sopwith Camel (Deluxe set)
    - Sopwith Camel (Ellwood)
    - Spad XIII (Deluxe set)

    Beyond the fact i'm eager to buy planes and maps (at least to get all decks of cards), I'm looking to find a way to print my own planes (a friend of mine has a 3d print) and then be able to paint models + decals. At the begining This would be actualy a test to see how much work it needs to make realistic/historical planes that are not officialy represented in the main game. By the way i've been playing flight simulators for years. One of 'em is called "Rise of Flight" and the community have made dozen of historical paintschemes. i'd like to use those datas to implement 'em to this board game. anyway this would take some time so i need to be patient...

    Thank you again chaps for the welcome !

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    That is a nice collection. Rise of Flight is a good game, and I love watching I especially like his Austro-Hungarian career vids they are great.

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    Bienvenue Vahan

    I'm learning to fly, but I ain't got wings
    Coming down is the hardest thing

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    welcome to the drome Vahan!!!

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