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Thread: Victor Chapman's air combat victories?

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    Default Victor Chapman's air combat victories?

    Strangely, when I did an online search of Victor Chapman, I saw no mention of his air combat victories, i.e., his list of kills. I am reading the letters he wrote to various people during his service in N.124 (Escadrille Americaine). I'm down to the last ten pages of the book, but Chapman has yet to mention engaging enemy aircraft (although he wrote a bit about piloting the Nieuport 11).

    Did Victor Chapman achieve any victories while he flew in N.124? (He had previously served as an observer/bombadier in a Voisin squadron).

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    With the Lafayette Escadrille I do not think he got any combat victories.

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    Actually, I think he had one. Let me check my various books on the Escadrille Americaine tonight!

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    Negative, Ghost Rider...Chapman had no confirmed victories. Kiffin Rockwell rote of Chapman that he had more courage than the rest, that he had to have killed several Germans as he was relentless, but as the fighting was mostly over the German lines confirmations were not forthcoming.

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    The French confirmation protocol was pretty strict.

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