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Thread: when is a kill not a kill

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    Default when is a kill not a kill

    The more you play, the more these situations occur.

    I had two planes go down in flames at the star of Round 5. Both planes were already on fire at the beginning of Round 3. The last hit for one was Round 3 movement 1 and the other was round 3 movement 2. Do you play it as a kill for the last pilot to hit it or does it go down as a probable because of the time lapse?

    I await your wise words of assistance.


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    I'd give the victory to the last pilot that hit it in those circumstances, bit frustrating if you set one on fire then 'Johnny come lately' sticks his oar in and gets the kill but, c'est le guerre..

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    Sad, but... record keeping.

    Who did shoot that plane, when three turns, and nine shooting phases later, a plane falls out of the sky. Does anyone remember who shot it last?

    And then, early in my venture into solo campaign play, I had a plane collide with a balloon. Who got credit? The machinegun trench that inflicted one point of damage, just before the plane got a C deck Boom card. The only bullet damage the plane took in the game.

    PS: There will be 'official' rules for campaign play, eventually. There are conditions where planes can retreat from battle, and have to determine if they arrive back at home base, damaged or otherwise. Depending on where the scenario occurs (friendly or enemy terrain, or No Man's Land), there are victory points assigned, or not.
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    Ta everso for the assistance.

    After thinking about it, I'll try it this way: a) If you shoot a plane, it catches fire and it goes down it's yours. b) If you shoot a plane on fire and it goes down it's yours. c) if you shoot a plane and it is on fire or catches fire, at the beginning of the next Turn (Turn 1 after the shot) it draws an "A" damage card and goes down, it's yours. d) At the beginning of Turn 2 after the shot, if the plane goes down after drawing "A" damage, it counts as a probable due to additional Fire damage, not the shot.

    Think that about covers the situation

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    Ooh, lets put the cat amongst the pigeons. I'd give the kill to the last pilot that hit the doomed aircraft. After all, the fire cards are taken at the beginning of a turn and if an aircraft is on fire, but survives the "A" damage drawn at that point, what's to say the fire wouldn't have gone out after that? If the doomed aircraft then goes down to a "B" firing "1" damage point, then lucky guy who fired that shot. Kill to the pilot that hit it last.
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