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Thread: Huzzah! 2023 in Portland Maine

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    Default Huzzah! 2023 in Portland Maine

    Just a heads up for 19-21 May 2023 in Portland Maine will be Huzzah!

    I've submitted 4 games and when the web site is open I'll post a link.

    My games are,

    Fri 7pm
    Balloon Busting over Verdun
    The French were desperate to give relief for their infantry from the constant German shelling. Large numbers of escadrilles were brought in to begin an air offensive to stop the German spotters and take out the observation balloons. Come fly the unfriendly skies over Verdun!

    Sat 9am
    Stop the Train!
    The Germans were bringing up supplies for their next offensive and something else. Intel has word some secret weapon may be heading to the front by train and the French will do their best to stop in from getting to its destination. French day bombing Breguets are sent to destroy the train before it reached the depot. The Germans will protect their precious cargo with a covering patrol of Fokker D.VII scouts.

    Sat 2pm
    Against the Flying Circus
    The newest French version of Nieuport, the N24, scout has finally reached the front. One of their first missions is to stop the daily German observation planes from crossing the front. They come like clockwork so they will surely be found. Of course there will be the occasional flight of German scouts patrolling the front to deal with. Today’s flight will be from the infamous Jasta11. Will the Baron himself be present?

    Sun 10am
    Blunting the Blitzkrieg?
    France 1940. The Germans are attacking a fortified line of French resistance. Stukas, with their pinpoint accuracy are essential for neutralizing the strongpoints. Their slowness though makes them an easy target for enemy fighters so the key to the offensive will be in the Luftwaffe’s success in keeping enemy fighters away. Jg 26 will fly escort as the French throw everything they have at the Stukas.

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    Huzzah badge sales are now online. Table Top Events has it all HERE.

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    Huzzah is this coming Friday - Sunday. All my games are on the schedule. Hope to see an Aerodrome member or two there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teaticket View Post
    Huzzah is this coming Friday - Sunday. All my games are on the schedule. Hope to see an Aerodrome member or two there.
    At least one.........done!

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    Peter, you and the lads have a great weekend!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brak Morn View Post
    At least one.........done!
    Quote Originally Posted by crashx View Post
    Peter, you and the lads have a great weekend!!!
    We will Tim, for sure. I know of at least 3 Aerodrome members will be there. What? They are not playing in all my games! How dare they play other games.

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    Had a great time at Huzzah. Three other Aerodrome members were present and got in a game or two of wings. Crashalot(John), Burton(Brak Morn) and Thomas(Thomas NH).

    Burton moves his Albatros D.III in game 2 while John (seated center) and Thomas (seated right).
    Name:  38.JPG
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Size:  250.4 KB

    Game 1, Balloon Busting at Verdun can be seen HERE.
    Name:  21.JPG
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Size:  241.3 KB

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    Looks like you all had a great time participating in that balloon busting scenario. And thank you for sharing the photos Peter

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    Good to put faces to names, Peter, looks like a grand time was had by all

    Sapiens qui vigilat... "He is wise who watches"

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    Here are a few shots of other games being playes at Huzzah.

    One game with a complete B-17 formation (64 planes) was amazing to see. Each plane was 'THE' plane in the battle. Every plane was marked historically. Tom Ballou did an amazing job. It was a Check Your 6 game.

    Name:  30.JPG
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    Name:  31.JPG
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    Name:  33.JPG
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    Name:  34.JPG
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    Name:  36.JPG
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    Name:  37.JPG
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    Game 2, Against the Flying Circus, can be seen HERE.

    A Rumpler with a photo mission is protected by Jasta 11 Albatros D.IIIs. The French N94 are out to prevent the missions success.

    Name:  55.JPG
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Size:  223.3 KB

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    Game 3, Blunting the Blitzkrieg? can be seen HERE.

    The Germans are out do blast a hole in the French bunker line with Stukas and a backup of Dornier 17s. The French defend with a flight of Bloch MB 152s.

    Name:  83.JPG
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Size:  176.9 KB

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    2nd vote for the Check Your Six game being impressive.

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