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    I was comparing weights and engine power of the most common tandems. Halberstadt CL.II had just a 160 HP engine but was about 100kg lighter than Roland CL.II. Comparing to other tandems, its power loading (weight/engine power) is pretty average. Do we know how it was decided which tandems can do Immelman?

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    160HP Mercedes DIII engines have been installed in early machines, those have been replaced later with 180 HP Mercedes DIIIa (engine introduced in June 1917) and then with over compressed 200HP Mercedes DIIIau (engine introduced in late 1917). Last revision of this engine, 220HP Mercedes DIIIavu (engine introduced in Mid-October 1918) did not make it into this aircraft, as it was too late.

    So, majority of Halberstadt CL.II planes has been running with DIIIa and then with DIIIau, as upgrade from "a" to "au" was possible to be carried out by field mechanics.
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    Thank you Georg. Díky!

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    The Halberstadt CL.II entered service in August '17 so likely started life with the Merc D.IIIa engine. This engine has been referred to in postwar British analysis as generating 180 hp (British HP ratings being slightly different, with 746 watts = 1 hp, to the German PS or Pferdestärke standard, of roughly 735 watts per PS horsepower.
    As many D.III engines were upgraded the core lump still bore the basic 160 markings so that is how many planes were simply noted as having a Mercedes D.III 160 engines when, in reality, they could be the much higher rated hp engines.

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    That’s interesting Dave. Thanks.

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