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Thread: Night Fighting Rules v.2.0

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    Default Night Fighting Rules v.2.0

    Here is what we did yesterday. We read these French wing rules:

    They are very interesting, we felt though there is a room for tweeks.
    So here is how we did it, and it was surprisingly fun evening, with everybody sucked in the game.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    An Italian night Bombing ride with two Capronis, accompanied with 3 scouts, with depraved intention to bomb out Austro Hungarian Imperial brewery.
    The brewery is protected by 4 machine gun posts, 4 search lights and a bunch of A-H aircraft.

    The Night rules would go like this:

    General rules:
    - An Aircraft that overlaps the search light beam anywhere outside the search light card or aircraft on fire becomes illuminated.
    - Aircraft that is not illuminated is in the dark.
    - Aircraft in the dark can be fired at only from a short distance.
    - Aircraft that is illuminated can be fired at normally (with +1 penalty for each search light beam above one that it overlaps). Aircraft on fire gets +1 penalty with disregard of search lights (being on fire is bad enough in this game).

    Machine gun posts:
    - The machine gun posts can be attacked from a short distance only and have 5 damage points. Just like in a standard game, an overlapping aircraft cannot be targeted by the overlapped post and a target aircraft cannot be shielded by another aircraft on the LOS.
    - The machine gun posts become active as soon as an enemy aircraft crosses the half of the game mat.
    - They fire with this priority: illuminated enemy aircraft > any closest aircraft in the dark

    Search lights:
    - Search light posts can be attacked from any distance and have 5 damage points.
    - The beams are moved each planning phase, in any angle, after all maneuvers have been planned and before the first maneuver has been revealed.

    Have fun.

    Click image for larger version. 

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