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Thread: Chitless Control Panel?

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    Default Chitless Control Panel?

    How about a plexiglass control panel that removes the need for using chits that are often in a state of flux? A peg fits into the middle of each dial, with a pointer that you can twist, to indicate the number of "counters" that you have for that item. Thoughts?Click image for larger version. 

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    This is based on the WoG cockpit which is probably the most unpopular type, most people prefer to use the original WoW type as they can easily move it with cards/tokens aboard if they have to, rather than than the content being any better. Pointers and dials have been used before, Herr Oberst did a line of acrylic cockpits with a shield so rudder jams could not be seen as that doesn't have to be declared. We use fire chits on the fire damage cards as a way to track the fire and the damage it's caused kept separately from the standard damage. I don't have a pic or own one of Herr Oberst's creations but I'm sure some of the chaps have them & might oblige.

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    Gotcha. Rudder Jams can be removed then.

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    I thought I recalled something with dials, but it was for altitude and fuel. Link -> Modified Climb Rate, Altitude, and Fuel Gauge
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    Ha. Fuel. That's always a fun addition to the rules. And ammunition.

    I think I like the idea of separating it from the control panel.

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    Robert did this in wood - would probably work in other materials.

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    A like the nice design Luke. Like Dave, we use the cards and chits for our games, and I don't think we would use this design, as we didn't invest in the design that was available from Herr Oberst. Although, I think some would like to use it!!!

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    How about this—just the "public" chits?

    Click image for larger version. 

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