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Thread: Apply A-card special damage for illegal move?

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    Default Apply A-card special damage for illegal move?

    Couldn't confirm that when you draw an A card because of an illegal move, i.e., not going straight after an Immelmann move, you take any special damage, i.e., fire, along with the damage points. Thanks.

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    For the A-damage card drawn as result of an illegal move: I think you could play it in the following ways based on the experience level of opponents. I've been in many games where the illegal move is replaced by a straight with no penalty. Rules as written I believe special damage would apply since the rule on p7 of RAP does not specifically mention special damages unlike the rule for Collisions on p16 where the C card damage number and only Booms are counted.

    1. Replace illegal move with Straight.
    2. Replace illegal move with Straight and subtract the number value for damage.
    3. Replace illegal move with Straight, subtract the number value for damage and apply any special damage.
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    #3 is the way we interpreted it. Just interested in any other possibilities. Thanks Chris

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