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    An observation mission for two observers aboard an allied balloon that must stay aloft as long as possible, protected by an RAF SE.5a and a Sopwith Snipe (Monse at the controls).
    A Fokker E.V and a Phönix D.I (led by Antsaintex) are in charge of neutralizing the balloon.

    1. The German planes are attacked frontally by the English biplanes.

    2. The Germans pass through the allied defense without being able to inflict any damage to the balloon.

    3. The return of the English fighters keeps the Germans away. The Fokker E.V is on fire.

    4. The Fokker E.V. inflicts consecutive damage to the Sopwith Snipe.

    5. The Phönix D.I. is trapped by the edge of the mat and forced to turn around.

    6. The Fokker E.V returns to the balloon while the Phönix D.I is assaulted by the two Englishmen.

    7. Successful shot of the Fokker E.V on the balloon. The Phönix accumulates the damage.

    8. An additional point of damage on the balloon. The difference in altitude prevents the RAF SE.5a from targeting the Phönix.

    9. The Fokker misses against the RAF SE.5a, while the Phönix is more successful against the balloon.

    10. The Flame damage finally causes the destruction of the Fokker E.V. The Phönix is jammed.

    11. The Phönix deceives its pursuers and manages to get closer to the balloon.

    12. The Phönix fires consecutively and is jammed again.

    13. A second crew damage eliminates the German fighter.

    Conclusion: the two German fighters have been eliminated.
    The Sopwith Snipe and the RAF SE.5a have suffered 4 and 6 damage points respectively.
    The allied balloon keeps 16 points of resistance out of 28 ; the two observers are unharmed and have completed their observation mission.

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    Good game, Simon. Thanks for sharing.

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    Another fun balloon action Simon

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    The balloon survived and the brave observers held their position to complete their mission. Well done!

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    Fun balloon scenario. Thanks, Simon

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    Nice game. It is unusual in my experience for a balloon to survive relatively unscathed. The observers did well to keep their nerve and not bail.

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