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Thread: Felixstowe with 3 twin guns

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    Default Felixstowe with 3 twin guns

    This is a beast of a Felixstowe F2.A. The wing guns would be 360° against higher targets. An enemy fighter attacking from in front could find itself picking up 6 A damage cards! Presumably it also kept at least 1 rear gun as well. I wouldn't like to be sitting in one of those nacelles for hours and hours on anti submarine patrols.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Source: cross and cockade, Vol 21 no 4 (1990)

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    Only one word comes to my mind - Whoa !

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    That's some impressive firepower!

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    Stay away from it - go tackle something else instead!
    I laugh in the face of danger - then I hide until it goes away!

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    I think the Staaken has a couple of gunners like that too. I do not think I would like to volunteer to be one.

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    Oh my goodness, how breezy would it be!

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    They're pretty much of a handful in their base configuration if I recall, this would really spoil your day
    Great pic though - one for Clipper's elves I think.

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    Some more pictures, from

    This is a central upper gun position, this time the gunner can get in and out whilst in flight, but still a bit breezy! Presumably this is the variant that is mentioned in the Flight of the Giants rulebook as a "higher platform" for the A firing central gun.

    A close up shot of a wing gun nacelle, this time mounting a single machine gun:

    An alternative arrangement, with the whole nacelle sitting above the wing, so no modification to the wing structure and presumably easy to remove:

    It is unclear how much action (if any) these variants saw. The photos of different configurations, some of which must have involved significant structural modifications to the upper wing, suggests that these were serious attempts to increase the firepower of this already heavily armed flying boat.

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    Whether the nacelle is in the wing or on the wing, I am glad nobody is going to ask me to man it!

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    They surely had a different mindset in those days. A nightmare for the Health and Safety guys!
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