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Thread: Origin of the term "dogfight".

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    Default Origin of the term "dogfight".

    I've been fascinated by WW1 planes and pilots since I was a kid. I built balsa models and read everything I could get my hands on. My Dad flew P-38s during WW2 and I was even named after Randolph Field in Texas. Anyway, I eventually became a HS history teacher. One item I find interesting is that the original pilots never referred to aerial combat as dogfighting. I had read about its origins in two books and then, many years ago, I actually met a former British balloonist living next to my Grandmother in Florida. He laughed and also confirmed the story. Now when two dogs fight, they are always facing each other. But when one dog, usually male, is trying desperately to get on the tail of another, usually female, they ain't fighting. When the early pilots described aerial combat to reporters at the Front they called it "dog fu**ing, however, the writers had to come up with a new term they could use in a family newspaper, hence dogfights. I figure you guys should know the truth.

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    Now that's something I didn't know

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    Now that is interesting... god I hope it’s true

    Never Knowingly Undergunned !!

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    well, cant say as im shocked lol.

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