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Thread: Non-unique cards that come with models: your storage solution

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    Default Non-unique cards that come with models: your storage solution

    Morning all

    Earlier this year I undertook a top-to-bottom reorganisation of my collection, filing sleeved decks with plane cards (not the models themselves) and bases in date order. Boxes are Mini Card Stores, full and half size mixed, from Basically Wooden, UK. It nearly did for me.

    As illustrated (yes, I really should change the Early-Mid 1918 label), organisationally -- which I sometimes think is my real hobby -- this took care of itself but did pose the question of what to do with cards in the most recent releases that are non-unique and not linked to an individual.

    For example, Nieuport 11 'Higher Machine Gun' cards: file with the pilot they came with (although they can be used with other N11s), the front of the N11 section, or separately in a separate plane-related upgrade card sub-section? At present I've lumped them in with the cards for the model they came with, but am now realising that this means I often don't take them into consideration when planning games.

    What do you do?

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    Hi Andrew.
    Mine are all in foam FIC trays which have their cards, bases and pegs with each aircraft. They are put into the trays according to aircraft type and country with the info written in white marker pen on the edge of each tray.

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    i suppose its my latent ocd but i always keep cards that came with an aircraft with that aircraft.

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    Rarely, if ever, use them, Andrew but keep them in my Go box so they are to hand if I do ever need them.

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    Andrew, I like what you have there. I picked up some small card boxes as well. I put my ace skills in one. My pilots, sorted by nationality, in another. Then I have a larger one for all the extra plane cards. I keep my movement deck, base, optional rule cards, and plane miniature stored in plano boxes. So, if we are flying Nieuports, I just grab the box of Nieuports and off I go.

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