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    Default august 2022 workbench

    didnt seem to be an august workbench thread yet, so here goes.
    finally got around to doing a project ive been wanting to do for awhile now.
    replacing the long gone canopy from my favorite diecast toy jet from my childhood.
    an f-104 starfighter. the missile with a man in it! Click image for larger version. 

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    took a lot of fitting and filing a piece of tapered acrylic post to get the fit right.
    thought about repainting it but i like the "been there, done that" look acquired from rough childhood handling. brings back fond memories!

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    My own "willow run" for a future combat box project ( FW190( 6/8) against B-24 (8))
    A few more paint jobs to do (port and starboard windows), a propeller and machine guns to repair (these things are fragile) and they're off to battle.
    Décals 1/144 from kitsworld
    B-24 of the 486th group "Zodiacs"

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