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Thread: 2-vs-2 demo games @Picnic Ludico 2022

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    Exclamation 2-vs-2 demo games @Picnic Ludico 2022

    Not a real AAR (so Admins feel free to move this thread if it fits better in any other place), basically because I had no time to take photos and notes during the event.

    Anyway I managed to setup some demo games during "Picnic Ludico 2022", an event open to all kind of table players, hosted here in Castellanza (not far from Milan); around 200 players show up during the two days of the picnic (I'll search for some pics later) and some of them were very interested in the game, mainly over-40yo people.

    I setup a simple 2 vs 2 on a square field (36" x 36"), USAS SPAD XIII on one side (Rickenbacker and Luke Jr) and Luftstreitkräfte Albatros D.Va on the other (MvR and Bäumer), standard rules were used.

    We played three games with 4 players in each one (in one game I was one of the players), two ended up with the victory of the Entente and one with the Central Powers taking control of the airspace over the country.

    Luke Jr. trying to bait MvR and Baumer in front of Rickenbacker machine guns

    I'm looking for other pics of the dogfights taken by players, hope I can share them with you soon!
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    Great job Stefano! Looking forward to your pics

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    Well done Stefano!

    Keep on spreading the game around!
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    Nicely done, Stefano

    "He is wise who watches"

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    Well done! Thanks for taking the time to demo the game!!

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