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    Night hunting
    B24 Liberator VS Messerschmitt BF 110

    Taken by the time, I concocted/recovered quickly some ideas to be able to use for night hunting in Wings of war.
    Not having enough Lancasters on hand I used the B24s.
    As far as I know, the British bombed at night and the Yanks by day.

    The bombers were spotted by the ground radar. The Me110s were sent to intercept them.
    The B24s crossed the map in several formations: once they arrived at the end of the table they returned to the starting point. This is to simulate the boxing of several aircraft.
    The 110s have on-board radar and the help of searchlights.

    Each turn, on a D6, a searchlight can "snag" a bomber.
    5+ on the first throw, if the target is hooked on the next turn you must make 4+, if the target is still in the beam on the 3rd turn you must make 3+ etc....
    Once you have reached 1 you start again at 5+.
    The pilot of the bomber can try to dodge the spotlight each turn on a 6+ and thus reset the counters to zero.

    On-board radar:
    Each turn: on a 5+, the fighter can play an additional movement card after the bombers move.

    Fighters can only fire at close range if the target is not illuminated by the searchlight.
    Bombers only shoot at 4+ (D6) to simulate the difficulty of seeing the enemy.

    Schräge Musik:

    When an Me 110 is under a bomber it can use Schräge Musik: 2 damage counters D

    The Me 110s managed to shoot down 2 bombers: one whose fire on board spread and caused an explosion, the other under the machine guns of the fighters and also because of an explosion counter...
    It is difficult to hit with the Schräge Musik ( a lot of zero in the D counters) but once it hits ,it hurts.
    The set of D counters can solve my problem with the multiple machine guns of a bomber that I find too effective.I might make a special "bomber" bag with a mix of counters in it...

    The bombers on the run
    Already spotted by the projectors (plexi disk)

    Hunters on the attack.

    The Bf 110 is ready to launch the Musik

    Once again

    And again, a real concert

    Thanks to a series of dodging maneuvers, B24 cut short the concert while his comrade was harassed by the second 110. He eventually succumbed and resumed his place in the box at the beginning of the table.

    one of the engines catches fire, which will cause an explosion and thus the destruction of the liberator.

    Despite their two victories, the German pilots could not stop the deluge of fire that fell on the city.
    Thanks again to the pilots

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    Really impressive presentation.
    The mat really adds to the feel.

    Gotta get me some Liberators ...

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    Impressive visuals Fox

    "He is wise who watches"

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    Really great pictures!
    I laugh in the face of danger - then I hide until it goes away!

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    Superbes photos artistiques

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