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Thread: Pilot Character sheet + rules: First draft

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    Default Pilot Character sheet + rules: First draft

    Hello all,
    +++ Important this has not been playtested yet+++

    Here is my first draft of a "character" sheet for our pilots. There are a number of things I need your feedback on:

    1: The ratio between Experience Points gained and the price of Skills, Equipment proficiency, Reputation.
    2: The actual skills available, I have only 8 in my collection that can be used in T&T, but I'm sure there are more.
    3: Do I add a new page with the skills and what they do? or is that subject to copywrite?

    Pilot Character Sheet.pdf

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    Look at this might help, add to it, take some from it.
    Keep the good ideas coming.

    Role-Playing in WGF.pdf

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    The is a whole list of skills available, you don't have to own the cards:

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    Quote Originally Posted by flash View Post
    The is a whole list of skills available, you don't have to own the cards:
    fantastic, thanks

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    For playability, and campaign use, I would keep everything that explains the rules in the rules. The pilot record should just record the particulars of the pilot, his individual sorties (like a log book), and then specific 'career' notes (medals, promotions, etc).

    There are a few sample pilot records in the files section, and within some of the campaign rules.

    Here's one: Wings of Glory Campaign Service Records
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    Hi Mike,
    thanks for the feed back, I had looked at what was available on this forum before creating this concept and could not find a "character sheet + rules" that allows a game mechanic for a player to make his/her pilot get better over a number of games (game mechanics of this type exist for many other games, notably those created by Gamesworkshop). The pilot records, like the one you linked, look good but don't modify the pilots abilities in-game.

    However I do like the "log book" idea, an A5 paysage format... Pg1 Pilot info. Pg2 Skills. Pg3 Equipment proficiency. Pg4 Reputation.. I think that would be quite snazzy.

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    In order to allow Rookie pilots to get better over a number of games (if they survive!) I came up with this...
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    thats really a really good idea! I can see that integrating the "experience points" system very easily, thanks :-)

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