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Thread: The Last Flight of Werner Voss: rules modifications and video

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    Default The Last Flight of Werner Voss: rules modifications and video

    I came across these two videos this morning. The author is promoting rules modifications for aces in the first, followed by a hour-long video demonstrating the application of those rules in a scenario playing out Werner Voss' last day in action. I don't know what to say about the rule suggestions, but the scenario is interesting.

    The rules:

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    The combat:

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    Interesting variants that he proposes, but he is a bit sloppy with existing rules in his Voss scenario.

    Thanks for posting.

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    Love it keep them coming.

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    I've been wondering if some of his suggestions haven't already been covered by the skill cards: Itchy Trigger Finger, Bullet Checker, Perfect Aim, Lucky Pilot, etc. I did like his limits on bursts and rounds though...

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    Looks very ace fan boy gamey stuff to me, wonder how Voss would have fared against other aces ?

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    I've been wanting to write a Voss scenario myself for a while... the only way I can think of to make it "fair" is to set it up as "you ARE going to be shot down, winner is the pilot who survives the longest." If memory serves, while my knowledge of the incident has room for improvement my read is that Voss picked a fight he knew he couldn't win to buy time for his rookie wingmen to bug out and go home.
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    His rule changes have a Check Your Six feeling them.

    Adds some meat to the whole Ace thing!

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