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    Default Wings Palette Offline ( ?

    I have tried to access the Wings Palette website for the last few days and have been unsuccessful. Since the link has a Russian suffix I am now wondering if that is related to the Ukrainian conflict and Russian isolation efforts. Has anyone else been successful in accessing the site?

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    Hello! It doesn't work within Russia either. But I found another link that looks like what you are looking for. Could you please check it:

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    Michael, This works pretty well. Many thanks !

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    Interesting. The old site worked last week.
    Certainly must be related to the current events.
    Thanks for the new site's link, Michael.
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    For many years, I used Wings Palette as a confirmation reference for identifying color schemes on planes. It is a grab-bag of images from other sites and references, but as a quick check link, it was helpful.

    I noted shortly after 24 Feb 2022 that I couldn't access this site, and the ".ru" web address is most likely the reason. The site is likely located in Russia, as I have long suspected there to be lots of IP infringement issues with the unattributed images found on this site.

    We may not get access to this site in the near future, if ever again.

    The site doesn't provide the same level of reference for various color schemes and squadron/jasta/pilot information as Wings Palette. So, not very useful for my purposes.
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    No luck for me either.

    Sad, it is a great website!

    The new link seem to work fine. A bit different interface. But looks interesting.

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    Thanks for the new link Michael. I have and will use this site a lot!

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