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Thread: B-17 Bailout

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    Default B-17 Bailout

    “Walt Haaser’s B-17 Bailout

    At just the age of 20, Walt Haaser was in charge of a B-17 bomber crew of ten men. In April, 1945, he and his crew would make a desperate escape in their stricken bomber.”

    Click HERE for the video.

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    great story! the history guy is such an awesome channel!

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    a very good clip. 20 years old, unbelievably young

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    Quote Originally Posted by camel crew View Post
    a very good clip. 20 years old, unbelievably young
    Yea, kinda boggles the mind to think how young the crew were during WWII. Today that guy would be a junior in college waiting to graduate and commission in another year. Follow that by a year of pilot training just to be a co-pilot…

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    Thanks for the link Joe.

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    Great video, thanks for the link. Wouldn't have seen this if it hadn't been brought up again!
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    Very enjoyable Joe. Thanks

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