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    A two-seater Albatros C.III (Monse) has to take a picture of the harbour, defended by a Spad XIII (Bastien) and a Sopwith Snipe (Clawhammer).
    Altitude rules.

    1) + 2) The two-seater deceives its opponents with two approaches that take it away from the objective at the last moment, while aiming at the allied aircraft.

    3) The Snipe shoots at the Albatros without it being able to return fire (blind spot on the side).
    A rudder blocked on the right forces the two-seater to make a new approach.

    4) The Spad neutralizes the observer, just before the photograph is taken.

    5) With just one point of resistance remaining, the Albatros attempts to return to base despite its mission failure, taking advantage of the opposite direction taken by the fighters.
    A long-range shot jammed the Spad's machine guns.

    6) Thanks to their higher speed, the allies manage to come back on their adversary who tries a last diversionary maneuver, but he suffers a new fatal shot from the Spad, the two fighters having cleverly divided the zones of cover.

    Note : a descent of altitude of the two-seater would have involved a shooting at long range of the Spad which would have been also sufficient to shoot down the German.
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    Nice little action Simon and great pics as usual.

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    A VERY tough ask for the German! Still, he almost got away...

    Thanks for posting the mission, Monse.
    I laugh in the face of danger - then I hide until it goes away!

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    Two A firing fighters against a single two-seater? Doesn't seem fair. An Albatros C.XII, being a little bit faster, might be more appropriate for the time period of the Snipe.
    So how many books are in your personal library?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RJG173 View Post
    Two A firing fighters against a single two-seater? Doesn't seem fair.
    My thoughts also. When I saw the start of the play, I thought, "This is not going to end well for the Albatros."
    The imbalance of guns and speed make it hard to concentrate on taking a photograph.

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    It was certainly a challenge for the Albatross!

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    An uphill battle for that poor Albatros. Got in sight of the top of the hill, just couldn't get there. A gallant effort.

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    A brave and bold effort Simon, well done.

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    Almost! Thanks for the scenario, Simon

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    Thank you all for your comments and rep points.
    This scenario seems a bit challenging.
    But the Snipe player (Clawhammer) is a rookie and has just played a couple of WOG games. So he got the top maneuverable plane.
    Bastien has practised a little more, the Spad XIII is fast but difficult to handle.
    I am supposed to be the most experienced player during this game.
    So I succeeded in escaping to avoid the fighters just before the rudder being hit, that delayed the recon approach.
    The loss of the observer was the second damage card to speed up the fate of the two-seater.
    Anyway, both fighter pilots have made clever maneuver planning.

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    Somehow I knew that wasn't going to end well for the poor Albatros.

    Thanks for posting, Simon.

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    Thank you for sharing this great AAR

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