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Thread: STL files?

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    Default STL files?

    Where would I look on the forums to find people discussing stl files? I've recently gotten a 3D printer and am excited to try it out and finally not have to worry about shipping whenever I want a new plane on the table

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    Aiden, I'm not sure there has been a centralised discussion on stl files (I may be wrong , I occasionally am ) but as a pointer may I suggest two options? The first being, which has a few aircraft files for free. The second is Plane Printer's Patreon has a load of stls, some WW1 but mostly WW2, all very good. Lot of Pacific War US and Japan and Stl's suitable for Spain, but also other types such as British, French, German, Italian, Russian and Australian (Boomerang and Wirraway).

    It costs about £8 a month to subscribe, but I reckon it is worth it.
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    This is by no means exhaustive, but I started a thread a while back to collect some of the STL links here:

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    Just my few cents, but self-printing could be an issue with Ares. I don't know what they could do, as just printing historical planes wold not be an infringment on Intellectual Property. However, pegs and stands could be. I think I saw a third party provider that was doing flight pegs, but IIRC they received a 'cease and desist' order.

    There are individual threads that show some 3D printing projects where people have come up with their own ideas, but they are not setting up a business, nor have I heard of the files being offered openly.

    We might not set up a category in the files section for STL items, but that would be up to the site manager: Oberst Hajj.

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    Hi Aiden,

    I've put 4 of my most commonly bought shapeways models on thingiverse
    Se5, Dr1, DH2 and EIII

    There are quite a few others on the site of varying quality.
    Mine are generally OK for SLA (UV resin) printers but should work with FDM too - the EIII is a tricky one to print without a lot of pitch and roll.

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