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    This evening, on the first Advent of Christmas 2021, my Better Half and I shared dinner with close friends.

    As part of the gather, we enjoyed a game, although not Wings of Glory. However, the game we played was one we first learned in Prague.

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    This evening's game with friends.

    I believe it was Ladinek, the proprietor of Svět deskových her who showed us the game, and we have been sharing it with everyone we meet, since the trip in 2019.

    It brought back memories of other games played, and other friends met, and good times shared.

    Thinking of all those comrades, and hoping you all are doing well.
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    I bet it was Ladinek - he is true enthusiast about new and clever games. He showed me Mysterium, Codenames and several other games that we play with my family. And even my mother-in-law is able to play Azul with us

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    A shared meal. Some drinks. A little socializing. A little competition. THE BEST!

    Thanks for sharing Mike
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    I remember that Ladinek inspired me to buy Mysterium.

    We tried it once Sunday afternoon in the „new game section“ in an English/Czech game.

    Wife, kids & relatives love it.
    Voilŕ le soleil d'Austerlitz!

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