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Thread: CHASING THE BEASTS (attacks of Staaken flying in automatic mode)

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    Default CHASING THE BEASTS (attacks of Staaken flying in automatic mode)

    Interception of a Zeppelin Staaken
    Over the Belgian territory, attack by a Sopwith Camel (pilot Philou) and a Hanriot HD1 (pilot Monse) of a Zeppelin Staaken bomber returning from a mission against England (flying in automatic mode going straight ahead).

    1- The first gun shot causes a fire and the jamming of a wing gun on the Zeppelin, then the jamming of the Hanriot and a fire.

    2- Two successive overlaps of the Camel and the Zeppelin, prevent the exchanges of fire.

    3- Collision of the diving Camel (4 damage points) and the Zeppelin (6 points).

    4- The Hanriot falls under the crossfire of the rear gunners of the Zeppelin, which joins its camp at the next maneuver with 27 points of damage, without the Camel having found a shooting angle.

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    Quick and dirty, especially with two fires right off the bat!

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    A brave try, only 2 scouts vs a Staaken!
    I laugh in the face of danger - then I hide until it goes away!

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    A new attempt to shoot down a Staaken
    Goago (on Nieuport 28) and Monse (Spad XIII), with a game in cooperation against the big blue Zeppelin in automatic mode.

    1- First shooting sequence rather in the Staaken's disadvantage with 1 and 2 points of damage (increased by +1; shooting at the higher altitude of the fighters), a jammed wing gun against a fire on the Spad XIII.

    2- After a Split-S near the bomber, three maneuvers are necessary for the Spad despite its fast speed, to come back on the German. The Nieuport found itself several times overlapping the base of the Staaken without any possibility of exchange of fire, before suffering a blocked right rudder damage which led the American fighter out of the game mat.

    3- Alone in front of the monster, the Spad undergoes a jammed machine gun and the shots of the defenders of the bomber.

    4-5-6- Thinking it could get away from its opponent thanks to its long maneuvers, the French fighter finds itself in a target position three times in a row: the 16 points of resistance are quickly exceeded (and yet the fire damage did not cause any points of damage), while Staaken only lost 10 points.

    Three fighters would be required to try to defeat the giant bomber.

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    Quote Originally Posted by monse View Post
    ...Three fighters would be required to try to defeat the giant bomber.
    You think ?!
    Crazy brave effort with two scouts, unfortunately not rewarded with any luck on the damage draws - gun jams, crew wounds, booms and fires using the optional rules would've helped the cause. Good to see a Giant in action though.

    "He is wise who watches"

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    Nice replay! Can't wait to get some giants of my own into action. They look like tough beasts!

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    A valiant attempt and an extremely difficult task for the scouts. Maybe try a rubber mallet next time?

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    What a great AAR Simon. Before the UKs first lockdown myself and my new regular opponant Roger took on my Zeppelin Staaken. Each of us flew Spad XIII's against this behemoth of the skies. It didn't go so well, as we both ended up being shredded multiple times trying to stop it from reaching its objective.

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    Keep trying, Mark !

    A successful attempt
    Interception by 2 Allied fighters Sopwith Snipe (Lo´k) and Nieuport 28 (Monse) of a Zeppelin Staaken bomber (in automatic mode with random draw of movement cards - straight ahead, a left and right turn - crossing the length of the map and back).
    Use of altitude rules for these 2 veteran pilots.

    1- Staaken's front machine gun jammed during the first gunfight with the Snipe.

    2- Collision between these 2 aircraft (C damage: 0 for the Snipe, 2 for the Staaken).

    3- The Nieuport 28 jams at the beginning of the programming.

    4- The Nieuport 28 is fired at twice from behind by the Staaken without being able to fire back.

    5- The Snipe ignites the Staaken.

    6- The Nieuport jams again !

    7- Limited effects collision of the fighters (Snipe: 0 - Nieuport: 1) both mounted at higher altitude, while the Staaken takes 5 points for removing a flame counter.

    8- The Staaken's gunners go on the rampage against the Nieuport, the Snipe being out of range.

    9- The Nieuport overlaps the Staaken to prevent being targeted.
    4 points of damage for removing the Staaken second flame token.

    10-11- The Snipe is finally able to successfully target the bomber on all subsequent moves, despite the gunners firing back.

    12- Destruction of the Staaken just before it left the playing field.
    The Nieuport finishes with a single point of resistance after another exchange of fire with no effect for the 2 aircraft.

    Allied victory.
    It was worth trying !

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    Well, those were some epic efforts to take down a Staaken, one big tough bird! It didn't look like two scouts could take it down but I guess it's all in the hands of the damage card draws. Third time was the charm as you downed the Staaken and both scouts were still flying.

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