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Thread: Sikorsky S-16 questions

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    Question Sikorsky S-16 questions

    The Sikorsky S16 looks like an interesting aircraft to try for an Eastern Front scenario. According to this it should use the XC deck:

    I've read some pretty confusing things about this aircraft - it is described as a two-seater and a single-seater, seems to have had at least two different engine possibilities and been armed with a synchronised machine gun, an overwing machine gun, or both. However it is invariably described as being slow but agile.

    I can see why the XC deck because it was a slow aircraft, but there isn't really any agility in that deck. E or G might seem more appropriate, but maybe too fast. Presumably the change from two seater to single seater and different armament must have affected the speed...

    Can anyone shed any light on my confusion?

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    The problem is there are no manoeuvre decks designed for the very slowest types with any agility, Dom. The XC deck is for types with a speed band between 100-130kph so the Sikorsky S16 fits there with a max speed at 120kph (75mph). With 45° turn cards the XA deck does better than the XB decks 30° turns.
    E/G decks and the like are for speed bands between 141-160kph so not appropriate unless you scale up the speeds of other planes in use which could be an option for you.

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    Indeed, this is going to be a difficult one. Have you any design skills? A custom deck maneuver deck might be in order.

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    Indeed, maybe the answer is a new deck! Behold, the XE deck (E manoeuvres, but at the speed of XC):

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	deck_XE_summary.png 
Views:	30 
Size:	109.4 KB 
ID:	309716

    It allows agility, but slowly...

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	deck_XE_example.png 
Views:	30 
Size:	204.0 KB 
ID:	309717

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    Like it Dom, well done !
    Deck XE (20) – Sluggish speed (arrow is 35% of the card - 1.3 cm WoW; 1.5cm WoG)
    3 straight
    3 right turn 45°
    3 left turn 45°
    2 stall - steep
    1 Immelmann !
    2 right sideslip
    2 left sideslip
    1 broad right sideslip - steep
    1 broad left sideslip - steep
    1 climb
    1 dive

    Goes faster sideways than forwards - perhaps it should be renamed the crab !

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    Looks like something we have been crying out for Dom.
    Well done that man.
    "Courage is the art of being the only one who knows you're scared to death."

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    Quote Originally Posted by flash View Post
    Goes faster sideways than forwards - perhaps it should be renamed the crab !
    Yes, the short sideslips are a bit ridiculous... Maybe they should be toned down a bit!

    Also, the turns are 60deg not 45deg...

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    Great new deck!

    Something different to re-invigorate the Eastern Front.
    I laugh in the face of danger - then I hide until it goes away!

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    The XE deck and associated Sikorsky S.XVI file is now available in the downloads section.

    Click here to go to the file

    Click here for "ink light" version without backgrounds

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	deck_XE_example2.png 
Views:	13 
Size:	185.2 KB 
ID:	309910
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