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    This evening I played a tank scenario with my children (8 and 6). Using the rules and cards found in the WW1 files section, we had 3 British mk V tanks moving towards the German trench line. We took a Fokker, an albatross and a captured sopwith camel to try to take them out using bombs.

    I charged straight at the tanks with my camel, the children were more cautious and went round the flanks. Although I took out one tank, I got a lot of fire from the others. The albatross then came in with a near miss on one tank, before the camel used it's tight right turns to come from behind and finish the job. The remaining tank put a few holes in all three aircraft, only to find both its guns jammed for 3 phases. We finally took it out just as it's tracks were nosing the trench line. The camel and the albatross were both heavily damaged, the Fokker got off more lightly.

    A good scenario, enjoyable and easy for the children to get the hang of.
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    I like it.

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    Hello Dom.

    What did you use as movement for the tanks? Fun scenario. I've got some truck cards that I can use as a convoy.

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    We used one ruler width for tank movement, which worked quite well. The children found it easier than dogfighting, because the tank movement is easier to predict. Having them placed quite close together does mean you are subjected to some murderous fire. The distance we had (arbitrarily chosen based on the planks in the table) was about right, given that we only just avoided failure. If we had all taken the safe option to come at them from behind where the blind spot is, I think we would have timed out and they would have crossed the line.

    I'd like to try an armoured train scenario at some point, could make it interesting by adding a "tunnel" that obscures the train for a bit.

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    That's about right for movement Dom, we've used it quite successfully in OTT scenarios in the past.

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    Well played!

    I have the same tank cards printed out from the Files section - I have often wondered about whether any anti-aircraft capability exists from the limited traverse and super-limited vision machine guns on WW1 tanks, but, since they're on the cards you might just as well make full use of 'em until someone "disproves" them!
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    Yes, it is a fun scenario but of dubious historical accuracy...

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    Nice action there. I have a couple of FT17 tanks my son in law made for me and we played with them once. You make me think about getting them on the table again. Never worry about histerical accuracy. I mean what about Tripods and Triplanes then.

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