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Thread: Hello from a newcomer

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    Default Hello from a newcomer

    Hello all!

    A little while ago an image of some aeroplanes and arrows on playing cards came up as I was idly scrolling through pinterest. It caught my eye and I looked into it. It turned out to be a card game called Wings of War. I managed to get hold of a second hand copy of Wings of War - Famous Aces, played it and now I am hooked. I love the simplicity of this - I never got into things like warhammer, they always seemed so complicated, with a big thick rule book and loads of dice rolls. The idea of flying aeroplanes around the table and firing at each other using only cards is genius!

    There are some interesting scenarios described on this site, but it looks like more cards are needed than the ones I have in my box. Its a shame this game seems to be out of production. I printed out some tanks and bombs, so might try to make a scenario around that.


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    Hi Dom, welcome from Essex.
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    Default Welcome

    Hi Dom and welcome to the 'Drome' from West Yorkshire. Fly safe and always watch your six"!
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    Welcome to the 'drome Dom, from a sunnyish Dorset this morning. You can quickly expand your card gaming horizons if you can pick up the other WoW box sets - Watch Your Back, Burning Drachens & Flight of the Giants. Then there's the models...

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    Welcome to the Aerodrome, Dom, from here near Norwich. If you look in the Files section, you will find many homemade aircraft cards, which you can download, print and use. There are also many other things there and elsewhere on this website to add to your enjoyment of the game. Please feel free to ask questions about the game. You will find that the people here are very friendly and helpful.

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    I'd love to do that but it looks rather £££. Flight of the Giants is on eBay for about 3x what I paid for Famous Aces! I'll scour the charity shops and maybe I'll get lucky...

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    Hi Dom, welcome to the 'Drome!

    Please be advised, the game is NOT "out of production"! The core box set "Rules and Accessories Pack" or RAP is still available commercially ("Entoyment" in Poole sell it, and have a great postal service) and so are a number of the more recently-produced miniature planes.

    If it's the old "Nexus" style box sets you are after ("Famous Aces", "Watch Your Back", "Burning Drachens" and "Flight of the Giants", plus the six cards-only "booster packs") drop me a PM; I know where I can lay my hands on multiple copies of them all.
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    Welcome, Dom, from the other side of the pond

    As Tim said, the Rules and Accessories Pack is great as it includes all the rules and enough bits to play. I find I prefer the tokens and damage cards of the older Nexus sets so have used those, but they all work fine. There are solo rules in the Files section which work well if that's of interest.

    Don't be put off by the altitude rules as I was when I first looked into the game, and almost gave up. There are simplified ones by members here which make it far easier to use, faster to play, and enjoyable. The game is quite fun without using altitude rules, and that's how many of my games are run with family and friends.


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    (welcoming head bobs) from the lizard here in the 'States.

    I would like to echo what Flash/Dave, Naharat/David and Flying Helmut/Tim have said. With these additions:
    The game overall is not out of print; but if you're looking for miniatures, the what you're looking at is a bit different. Ares publishes their miniatures in limited-run "Series", and most of those are technically out of print: occasionally, being a small company, they are able to accumulate the capital to re-print series. The various series are usually three different models (paint schemes) of a single-seater and a two seater from each side (Allied /Central Powers for WGF or similar for WGS.) The latest re-print was series 4 (?), featuring the SE 5/a and Bregeut BR A2/B2 for the Allies, and the Pfalz D-III/a and Rumpler C-IV for the Central Powers. Some retail hobby stores still have those available for actual SRP. Other resales sites can get ridiculous in their asking prices for some of the odd ones-witness the thread "Ebay Planes", here: This has soured me on that avenue.
    If you have any modeling skills, Shapeways is by far the better way to go: several 'Drome members have their own offerings on Shapeways, and recently, even the option of full-color 3-D printing (though of course, that's a bit pricier, we're witnessing the birth of a niche-within-a-niche)
    Good luck with your hunt, whatever it is you're looking for!

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    Hi Dom from up in Glasgow. I’m a relative newcomer myself. You will find the folks here are a very helpful bunch!

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    Welcome from Portland, Oregon, Dom.

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    Welcome from a fellow South Westerner. This is a great place to exchange ideas and get information from a very friendly bunch of people. If you should ever decide to move from cards to planes, I bet you'll get even more enjoyment out of the game. It need not be too expensive.

    At least at the start.

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    Hello Dom. Most of us do not use cards but miniatures which are much more expensive and tend to cause obsessive collecting behaviour before bankruptcy.

    I do have a gazillion cards that I can help you out with if you want to keep playing that way. Just PM me with your physical address.

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    Hi there (again) Dom, welcome aboard... and you should definitely get in touch with Tim (Flying Helmut) he probably has more stock than the manufacturers....

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    Thanks everyone!

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    welcome to the drome Dom!!!

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    Bienvenue from Brittany Dom. Tim Flying Helmut Ltd is the man with the best chance of getting you what you need without being scalped on E Bay.

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