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Thread: Large and unofficial ships, cards, 3D prints, etc

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    Default Large and unofficial ships, cards, 3D prints, etc

    Not my material but this BGG thread may be of interest for maneuver and ship cards, stl files and such. I would probably use Galactica movement cards for colonial fleet ships.

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    Thanks very much for posting the link.
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    Great source, thanks Chris.

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    Are those the ones he was going to get professionally printed?

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    I think so, Pete. I'm not sure if that buy is going to go. I tried to work with the templates and customer support to have it done but it's beyond me. The site and design templates all account for image bleed which cuts off the movement arrow at base of the cards. Even with padding the images according to customer support instructions I couldn't make it work, although I think the card types and choices would be great.

    It looks like some have been remade on mini-euro cards. I can actually print my own so will try to get that on the to-do list.

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