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Thread: Upcoming Osprey titles

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    Default Upcoming Osprey titles

    Been having a trawl to see what is in the pipeline for WoG enthusiasts, and if you are only into WW1 you can look away now - there is nothing, zilch, nada, niente.
    For those with a WW2 fetish the prospects are somewhat better. This list takes us up to August next year listed by series, title and month of publication.

    Campaign series
    East China Sea 1945 - April 22
    Battle of Malta - August 22

    Air Campaign
    The Ruhr 1943 - October 21
    Truk 1944-45 - December 21
    Big Week 1944 - February 22
    The Kamikaze Campaign- May 22
    The Oil Campaign - June 22
    D Day allied heavy bombing campaign - July 22
    Gothic Line USAAF in the Alps - August 22

    FW190D-9 Defence of the Reich - February 22
    P51 B/C NW Europe - February 22
    Bf109 D/E Blitzkrieg - July 22

    Combat Aircraft
    Yokosuka D4YJudy Units - September 21
    Do217 Units (see below) - September 21
    Macchi C202/205 Units - May 22
    Ju188 Units - June 22

    Operation Jericho - May 22

    SBD Dauntless vs A6M Zero - October 21
    B25 vs Japanese destroyers, Bismarck Sea - December 21
    F4U Corsair vs A6M Zero - Mar 22

    Aircraft of the Aces
    Luftwaffe Viermot Aces 42-45 - October 21. This might be a reprint as I already have a copy of this.

    This is the one that was delivered today:

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    Oooooh, thanks for the heads-up!

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    Couple of those to look out for - thanks, Steve!

    Shame about the lack of WW1, though.
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    Worth noting in non-series General Aviation: "America's Few," about Joe Foss, Boyington, and the other Marine airmen of Wake Island and the Cactus Air Force.
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    Thanks for the heads up Steve. A few titles I'll be adding to my library.

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    Thanks, Steve! REP

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    There are some good looking titles on that list. Thank you for sharing it, Steve.

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